(2010) Burr Kills the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg: Small Farms Terrorist Threat Eliminated

November 30, 2010

“Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

Senator Richard Burr’s Washington office called me today.  A staffer proudly announced Richard Burr’s vote FOR S 510 Food Safety and Modernization Act.

Richard Burr no longer represents the people of this district.

This staffer, taken off guard by my strong negative reaction, asked me if I believed it was acceptable that contaminated eggs be allowed to kill the unsuspecting public.

Well…this silent killer is now history.  All eggs will be regulated by the government.  We are safe.  Homeland Security is in charge of our food.  Think about this as they sex you up before your next airline flight.

What better way to control the people than through their food.  I have a friend who supplies free home laid eggs to a homeless shelter in our district.  Her chickens produce more than her family can consume.  Too bad for the shelter.  She can no longer afford to risk such charity.

Burr’s staffer was adamant…the small farmer was protected due to the Tester Hagan amendment attached to the bill.  Forsyth County…be aware…Kaye Hagan is protecting you.

The S 510 Food Safety and Modernization Act is the single most dangerous bill EVER passed by the US Senate.  Richard Burr voted FOR it.  Why?  He was paid off.  Over $300,000 to his war chest.
2016 cannot come fast enough for me. First he voted for the GIVE Act in 2009.  Now this.  Senator Richard Burr stuck to his principles.  In 2016 we can stick to ours.

Note to Senator Burr.  Many of us have worked tirelessly (for many years) to place you as our representative in Washington.  We have worked on your phone banks, supported you through our local GOP, defended you in times of adversity. We began to have our doubts when you tried to ignore the local tea party, bellied up to the country club bar with big money lobbyists, supported Bernanke as Federal Reserve Chairman, and voted for the GIVE Act in 2009.  Even as we suspected you had Rino tendancies, we held our noses and voted for you another term. 

Frankly, Mr. Burr, you had no competition in 2010.  Today, all shadow of doubt was removed.  November 30, 2010 is the day your Rino status becomes official.  Your Rino walking papers were self issued as your “Yea” was recorded for S 510 Food Safety and Modernization Act.

Welcome to the new Republican Party in Forsyth County.  We will not forget our conservative principles and we are taking names of those who remove themselves from them.  It is going to be a long six years.

God help us all.  God bless America.

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