(2010) AmeriCops, DemocracyNC,and CHANGE:Dead Voters Stormthe Polls

On November 1, 2010

Ever wonder how dead people manage to vote?  Are local fraudsters watching the obituaries or is it a larger scheme heavily organized by a major player in the Marxist left “social change” movement?

The dead voter racket is heavily organized and has all intentions of  inserting its progressive radical tentacles into our Forsyth County and North Carolina elections.  One tentacle has already been identified.   AmeriCorps is a radical progressive “social change” youth leadership organization directly associated with recent congressional legislation such as the HR 2857 Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Educations (GIVE Act) and HR 1388 which will implement Obama’s call to national service initiative, United We Serve.  The ultimate end of this legislation is the forced service and participation in “re-education camps” by all able bodied young Americans.  North Carolina is less than blessed to have an AmericCorps office in Raleigh snuggled up to our esteemed Governor Bev Perdue.

AmeriCorps trains/re-educates progressive leaders who in turn monetize their skills working for organizations such as Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE) and Democracy North Carolin: Winston Salem Voting Rights Coalition.  For example Democracy North Carolina maintains staff qualified by AmeriCorps training out of Raleigh.  Democracy North Carolina is represented in Forsyth County by their affiliate Winston Salem Voting Rights Coalition. CHANGE partners with Democracy North Carolina in Forsyth county’s progressive “social change” movement with “Souls to the Polls” Freedom Sunday, early voter registration, pre-registration of teens initiatives, get out the vote drives, and Congregation Based Community Organizing (CBCO).

The astute observer may begin to question whether radicals insured under this  group ever really “die.”

HatTip to Redstate for their informative article “I See Dead People and They Have Stimulus Checks.”  He provides a detailed list of government expenditures on behalf of “the living dead.”
Halloween is over.  We need to start sending these dead voters towards the light.  We can start by voting CHANGE and their school board candidates impotent TOMORROW!  Vote Collins, Metcalf, Goins, Clark, Tackaberry, Parker, and Lambeth.

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