(2010) A Letter to Yadkin County…and Stokes, Davie, Rckingham, Guilford, Randolph,and Davidson

On November 14, 2010

Yadkin County is one of the few conservative strongholds remaining in North Carolina. We anticipate an attack on your commendable and well held position is imminent. The progressive illegal alien war is advancing steadily in your direction.  Insurgents are currently encamped and maneuvering 20 miles east of the Yadkin County line.  All surrounding counties are in danger including Davie, Stokes, Rockingham, Guilford, Randolph, and Davidson.  Davidson County is particularly at risk.

Our Federal government was seized on October 26, 2001 when the United States signed a “treaty” with Mexico under the USA Patriot Act. Contained in section 326(b) of the USA Patriot Act is a provision that allows US banks to accept Mexican Matricula Consular cards as a valid form of ID for opening bank accounts. In May 2003, the Treasury Department issued regulations allowing acceptance of the cards as proof of identity for the purpose of opening a bank account, and the cards are accepted for other purposes as well, including issuance of drivers licenses. In 2004 the United States Congress voted down a motion to prevent financial institutions from accepting Consular ID’s.

Nationwide casualties include 400 cities, 150 counties, and 1200 police departments who now accept the foreign national identification card knows as the Mexican Matricula Consular.

Troops were dispatched on 02 Nov 2010 to assess damage in Washington D.C. with the mission being counter insurgency and overthrow of the current socialist regime.

The North Carolina capital city of Raleigh fell in 2008 when Real ID was repudiated by the North Carolina House (HB 2136). Enemy infiltrators posing as Democrat legislators ignored a bill that would have prohibited the use of Mexican consular cards to obtain or renew a driver’s license (HB 1399). With this accomplishment, the socialist progressive mission to occupy and control North Carolina citizens advanced into the voting booth of each and every district in North Carolina.

Raleigh has been under enemy occupation for a century. The Mexican Embassy Consulate set up headquarters at East 6 Forks Road Raleigh and has established over 80 documented statewide reconnaissance teams. Several local to Wake County are known as El Centro Hispano, Durham Bill of Rights Defense committee, and Durham Immigration Solidarity Committee. These teams are assisted by progressive infantry from the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), AmeriCorps, La Raza, ACORN and other insurgents.

Troops were dispatched on 02 Nov 2010 to retake the city.

Conservatives in the Durham theater of operation are currently under siege. The Durham police department has surrendered according to Deputy Police Chief Steve Mihaich. He reported the Durham Police Department accepts the [Mexican] Matricula Consular as it would “any other out of state identification.

The enemy is currently surrounding the Durham City Council. The radical insurgent troop divisions launching pro-illegal immigration artillery have been identified as Durham Bill of Rights Defense committee, Durham Immigration Solidarity Committee, and El Centro Hispano. At least one city government infiltrator has been identified by the Durham News as Councilwoman Diane Cabotti. Her insider position is leading the charge of the El Centro Hispano. Heavy fire is anticipated on 15 Nov 2010 at 1900 hours as council members convene to surrender to insurgents demand for statutory use of enemy consular cards by Durham city agencies.

Reinforcements have been requested by conservative ground forces in Durham. Known ground forces performing independent field operations include NCFire, Tea Party Patriots, NC Listen, Randy’s Right, The Conservative Shepherd and Civitas.

Carrboro fell to the insurgents and surrendered in 2002 when they adopted a resolution to recognize the Matricula Consular.

A ground initiative by enemy combatants is under way in Charlotte. The Mexican Consulate headquarters in Raleigh sent ground troops on a recruitment mission to Charlotte’s Concord High School in Sept 2010. Thousands of undocumented Mexican nationals were enlisted through consular card and passport registration.

Forsyth County status has been elevated to Code Red based on intelligence collected in 2010. Forsyth County Board of Elections has been infiltrated by a radical group called Democracy Winston Salem Voting Rights Coalition an affiliate of Democracy North Carolina. This coalition is registered with the IRS under false pretenses as non-profit non-partisan 501(c)3 status. This group is known to engage in partisan pro-illegal immigration political activity including questionable voter registration, partisan get out the vote initiatives, and illegal partisan activity through state supported institutions.

Their most recent documented illegal partisan activity centered around 6000 emails transmitted via Winston Salem State University.

The leader of this group, Democrat party activist Linda Sutton, has usurped a position as one of three Chairpersons of the Forsyth County Board of Elections. She received her training from the IAF, NAACP and a local radical group Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE). She is an affiliate of pro-illegal immigration insurgent group Democracy North Carolina whose staff includes known ACORN, La Raza, and AmeriCorps radicals.

Hiding under 501(c)3 status, CHANGE, headed up by 3rd Vice Chair of the Forsyth County Democratic Party Ryan Eller, is one of 5 North Carolina affiliates of the Saul Alinsky IAF.  CHANGE launched an offensive during the 2010 election cycle against the Forsyth County school board.  Forsyth County Conservatives held the front.  CHANGE/Democracy Winston Salem called for reinforcement from the NAACP.  Their attempt to out flank us was defeated.

CHANGE’s latest offensive resulted in the surrender of the Winston Salem Police Department to their unverifiable insurgent identification card initiative. These defacto picture identification cards will be distributed to illegal aliens in Forsyth county and may be used to create false identities, multiple identities, commit voter fraud, receive Forsyth County social services and avoid detection by immigration authorities. The issuance of these cards is completely unregulated and will be conducted by CHANGE members.

We expect this attack precipitates a planned movement on the Winston Salem City Council as the insurgents flank to force a resolution on Matricula Consular cards.

Davidson County is currently under occupation by the IAF affiliate Lexington (Davidson) Citizens for CHANGE Sponsoring Committee.  This group is currently infiltrating local government, the public school system, and social services.  From field intelligence we know this group organizes and builds their base in marginalized churches.  At this time we have no evidence of defensive movement from the Davidson County front.

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