(2011) Potty Mouth Coffman Forces FCBOE to Revisit Coffman’s Past

On February 10, 2011

WARNING! The following article contains language unsuitable for children!

I have interviewed and recorded witness testimony of unacceptable work related personal behavior by Rob Coffman, Chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Elections.

My corruption chart alleges Coffman “facilitates a hostile work environment.” Part of that claim is based on his regular use of vulgar language in the work place. It is well known that Coffman referenced a staff member as a “crack ho” (and a wheel chair bound employee as a “blob”).   This staff member reported his behavior and was later taken off the payroll.

According to witnesses, Coffman regularly uses the “F” word on the job, particularly when he is being asked to comply with state, county, or city regulations. For example, when told state tax law requires credit card receipts accompany submitted bills for reimbursement, his typical reply is “F” the state. He is said to use this inappropriate language in the presence of female staff and is not hesitant to address groups of male and female staff in like fashion. Female staffers in particular have expressed discomfort and embarrassment but are afraid to complain to the proper authorities for fear of losing their jobs.

Coffman has had a “Potty Mouth” for quite some time. Prior to his employment as Genesee County, Michigan Election Director, he worked at Jobs Central, Inc. During his employ, he and two others were sued for civil rights violations. He was accused of telling a female staff member that she “looked like an uncircumcised penis.” Though this case was settled out of court, Jobs Central was so covered up in scandals they had to change their name to “Career Alliance.”

Not only does Coffman have a dirty mouth, he has a messed up attitude. Past and present FCBOE staff testify that Coffman is known to regularly repeat the statements “Nobody can fire me ” and “It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.”

Rob Coffman has a history of inappropriate behavior that was available to the Winston Salem City County Human Resources department, to board members, and to the state elections director before his hire. Though this information is easily accessible through the internet, no one took the time to consider a proper background check of Coffman’s employment history. If they hired him with full knowledge of his previous issues with women and minorities, they intentionally put Forsyth County at risk for lawsuit, scandal, mistreatment of FCBOE staff, and financial responsibility should his known propensities result in a court case.

County Commissioner Debra Conrad sent an email to The Conservative Shepherd where she stated that FCBOE issues are not within the jurisdiction of the County Board of Commissioners.  My question to our Commissioners is this: “Under whose jurisdiction will a lawsuit against Coffman or the FCBOE and the resulting court costs and legal fees fall?” I recommend that serious thought be given to this question. The political and financial implications of such an event could be HUGE.

Maybe Mr. Coffman speaks the truth when he says “Nobody can fire me.”  That being the case, are we going to have to keep paying his salary if he ends up in jail?

As they say, it is too late to pray when the devil’s knocking at the back door.

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