(2011) Pied Piper Obama Prophesizes Future in 2011 State of the Union Address

On January 26, 2011

After the Who’s Who of America Haters schmoozed down the isle of the Senate chamber, Obama started his State of the Union Address by shutting down applause with a firm and commanding order “Everybody sit down.”  With all the aplomb of a novice kindergarten teacher torn between a desire to be liked and unruly 5 year olds, he rolled out the expected democrat snack cart of big government health food that no one is willing to eat.   In a nutshell, he defended the expansion of government as he avoided real deficit reduction or any mention of the people’s November 2010 mandate.

All the typical sound bites were included in his flat attempt at enthusiam with the “We’re all part of the American family” bit.  According to Obama and reports from his “committee appointments,” Americans:

  • Are part of something greater,
  • Share the same hopes and dreams,
  • Are “poised” for progress,
  • Are the “light of the world,”
  • Can thank the tax cuts “we” passed in December for “breaking the back” of the recession and the economy will now grow,
  • Iraq is stable,
  • Aphganistan is getting it together,
  • South Korea is our friend and North Korea can be forced to behave.


Using the code word “investment,” Obama outlined the need for spending in education and in “creating” jobs rebuilding “infrastructure,” as well as biomedical research, green technologies, and renewable energy.  Make no mistake, he dressed up his spending plans all pretty with crayon pictures of individual sacrifice for the greater good, visions of zipping off to work via high speed rail, cheap healthcare, and educated innocent but illegal immigrants contributing to rather than competing with our society.

He never outlined from where he intends to get the “investment” needed to accomplish these goals or how much money he was willing to borrow to meet these ends.  He spoke of ending tax relief for the rich (again) but made clear that we would not  accomplish this on the backs of the less fortunate (translates to “we will not end entitlements.”)

Evidently he has failed to notice the tanking of the dollar, the collapse of the banking system and housing market, increased dependence on ever more expensive foreign oil combined with rising food prices heralding the onset of hyperinflation, and the coming bust of the treasury bond bubble.

There were several points where Obama revealed himself as the two faced liar he is.

  • He said “success is not a function of P.R.” even though his success is nothing but a function of carefully orchestrated P.R.,
  • Stated he was going to protect our borders and enforce our laws. Didn’t his administration just sue Arizona for enforcing the laws?
  • Said he would protect American jobs (as he used Forsyth County’s loss of jobs in the furniture industry[to less regulated foreign interests] as an argument for spending in education.)
  • Said because of GOVERNMENT, our food is safe to eat and our water is safe to drink. Wonder what God has to say about that.
  • Said America would be able to access government information online.  Where have we have heard that promise before?
  • Said he wanted to rebuild faith in government, yet he cannot manage to identify WHO HE IS through birth certificate or college transcripts.
  • He referenced the importance of “the rule of law”and claimed our government is “combating corruption” Huh? Need I mention Obama’s multiple social security numbers and Eric Holder’s mob rule of the Justice department to racist ends.
  • He welcomed all Muslims are “part of the American family” in spite of their jihad against imbeciles (non-muslims), sharia law’s incompatibility with our laws, and the plight of European nations such as Britain, France, etc. who followed this same path of destruction.
  • He OK’d access to college campuses for recruiters and ROTC because homosexual armed services are now palatable and compatible with our institutions of higher learning and American sensibilities of fairness..

Finally…drumroll please…his reference to Tunisia and the quote “the will of the people proved more powerful than the writ of a dictator.”

That, my friends, is the money quote. It made the whole 60+ minutes worth the tortuous watch.

Notwithstanding the last two years of progressive American hell fire stoked by Alinsky radicals and progressives at the command of King Obama the Pied Piper, the usurper finally said something worth repeating. “The will of the people proved more powerful than the writ of a dictator.”

It is the only statement he has ever made with which I agree.  Mr. Obama is truly a prophet of his own doom.  May this  self fulfilling prophesy ring true in 2012.

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