(2011) Linda Sutton Insults Voters:Dog and Pony Show at the Forsyth County Board of Elections

On February 8, 2011

As previously reported here, the Forsyth County Board of Elections (FCBOE) held an open meeting today as they proceeded with their investigation of alleged violations of election law/incompetence by the Forsyth County Board of Elections.  The alleged charges were lodged against FCBOE board members/employees including but not limited to Chairman Rob Coffman, Co-Chair Linda Sutton, Secretary Frank Dickerson, and member Jerry Jordan.

FCBOE members are being investigated by the FCBOE members which consists of Chairman Rob Coffman, Co-Chair Linda Sutton, Secretary Frank Dickerson, and member Jerry Jordan. No state or outside investigating body was present.

Any redundancy in the above statement can be credited to FCBOE maneuvering.

The Board covered their bases by having an attorney present. Mr. Mc”somebody” (he was not formally introduced) occasionally interrupted the proceedings with objections. Most Meeting attendees did not seem impressed with the Board’s attempt to create a “court like” atmosphere or the “Mr’s” law degree and he was, for the most part, ignored by the audience.

West’s Encyclopedia of American law defines “kangeroo court” as a noun meaning “A mock court set up in violation of established legal procedure” and “A court characterized by dishonesty or incompetence.” Both definitions apply in this case.

Needless to say, up to this point, the FCBOE members have found themselves innocent of all charges of law violations/incompetence or without jurisdiction in multiple matters over a variety of issues that include:

Winston Salem State University Voter Registration Fraud (illegal emails by publicly funded institution/allowed to continue participation in early voting/registration),

  • improper verification of voter eligibility of WSSU students, 
  • improper verification/application of NC State Statutes of voter eligibility when voter presents more than one address (2 drivers licenses)and failure to require/verify driver’s license and social security information presented by felons for voter registration, 
  • electioneering by candidates in restricted areas, 
  • evidence of postal fraud by WSSU Post Office pertaining to the un-timely delivery of absentee ballots (failure to report to Postal Inspector), 
  • IT issues including unauthorized access to servers by unauthorized personnel, violations of the Whistle Blower Act/Retaliation (Coffman), 
  • Violations of Privacy and HIPPA Laws (Coffman), 
  • Obstruction of Justice (FCBOE investigates FCBOE would be one example), 
  • Conflict of Interest by board members (Sutton, Dickerson), 
  • Nepotism by Board member (Sutton), 
  • Campaign Print Disclosure Act violations (committed by candidate Everette Witherspoon), 
  • Civil Rights Violations, 
  • Loud and obnoxious partisan activities on public property at early voting centers, 
  • failure to enforce campaign reporting laws (on Susan Frye, elected Clerk of Court), 
  • failure to respond to properly filed election complaints (entire Board), 
  • violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (curb side voting).

The Board found the proceedings very entertaining at times, especially Chairman Rob Coffman. He appeared to find humor in the witness testimony and seemed to have difficulty holding back laughter and maintaining proper decorum.  In fairness, Coffman managed to not call anyone a “crack ho” although he was sufficiently goaded by audience members and several witness who inquired more than once what he found so funny.

Co-Chair Linda Sutton lost her temper with at least three witnesses and asked security to remove an audience member after a rather heated discussion left Ms. Sutton on the defensive.  Ms. Sutton was confronted with her extreme activism on behalf of partisan organizations and the inherent conflict of interest with her duties on behalf of all Forsyth County voters.

Before Ms. Sutton3 was finished lashing out in defense of her indefensible position, she attempted to explain that her Winston Salem Voting Rights Coalition, a cell of Democracy North Carolina, started out as non-partisan but was “taken over” by partisan groups. She refused to answer to Democracy North Carolina’s affiliation with AmeriCorps, LaRaza, and Acorn and refused to admit her WS Voting Rights Organization was partisan from the get go.

She stated on the record that she was proud of her training with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF),  a progressive radical group started by Marxist Saul Alinsky. She did not apologize for her extreme activism for the left and did not admit to a conflict of interest in regards to her representation of all Forsyth County citizens as Co-Chair of the FCBOE.

The audience consisted of a 30+person balanced representation of black and white democrats, republicans, and unaffiliated Forsyth County residents, many of whom had first hand knowledge of violations via previous FCBOE employment, poll work, campaign work, and IT work on FCBOE information systems. Most testimony was documented, many witnesses presented reports, and several had previously filed complaints with no response/action taken. The entire citizen audience was adamant in their demand for fair elections for ALL Forsyth County citizens.

Because the Forsyth County Board of Elections “police” themselves, “investigate” themselves, and “judge” themselves (not guilty), little appeared to be accomplished in this venue staged by what appears to be a Forsyth County Board of Fools1. Because the Forsyth County Board continues to avoid and evade their responsibility/accountability for fair and legal elections in Forsyth County, the case has been turned over and is being investigated by the FBI.

The proceedings ended with current FCBOE employees being “asked” and encouraged by Secretary Dickerson (their superior) to give positive testimony on behalf of the FCBOE2.  Audience members protested this move because an employee’s refusal to accomodate the “boss-man’s” request (order) could result in FCBOE retaliation/loss of job or possible self incrimination by employees in the current and ongoing FBI investigation of FCBOE.

The Winston Salem Journal sent a personal friend of Chairman Coffman to report on the proceedings. We can only assume the employee “parade under duress” was  intended for this reporter’s benefit and will provide the “spin” that we expect out of the Journal. Recognizing the attempt to manipulate the local media, many in the audience chose this time to exit the meeting. Lasting from 10:00 until 2:00, with one 10 minute break, all four hours of testimony were negative concerning the FCBOE. Any positive testimony that was given after these four hours was contrived for purposes of media manipulation.

Linda Sutton accused the audience of Forsyth County voters of making a circus dog and pony show out of the serious allegations against the Forsyth County Board of Elections. There is no doubt…it was a dog and pony show…put on by the FCBOE as they “investigate” themselves. In this case, the smeller was the feller, if you know what I mean.

Every member of the Board was asked to resign from their positions on the Board. As of yet, this has not occurred.

The story continues to develop.
1.  Proverbs 26:12
2.  Proverbs 27:2
3. Isaiah 5:21 and Pro 30:32

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