(2011) Healthcare Repeal Will Explode Deficit: Jan 2011

On January 6, 2011

As House democrats bemoan and decry the House efforts to repeal Healthcare, they use the excuse that repeal will EXPLODE the federal deficit.  M.A.L.A.R.K.E.Y.

In today’s American Spectator, Phillip Klein examines the CBO reports cited by these blithering idiots and states the following:

These projections reflected the Democrats’ use of a number of accounting gimmicks, without which, the CBO separately acknowledged the law would actually run up deficits. As Paul Ryan notes, the reality is that the national health care law is a “fiscal train wreck.” The CBO deficit reduction number does not factor in double counting of Medicare savings and other revenue sources, and it doesn’t include $115 billion in costs needed to implement the law.

House Republicans better not give an inch.


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