(2011) Giffords Shot at Town Hall Event

On January 8, 2011

Update:  A lot has been scrubbed from the internet including articles from left wing web sites “targeting” Giffords,” “dead” comments from angry progressives after she failed to support Pelosi last week,  and the shooters social web pages.  The Hill was on top of things and took “screen shots” of this information before the left could take  it down.  Kudos to them!

Since leftist radicals are all over the news blaming Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and Conservatives for Giffords attack,  the actual Screen Shots of the truth can be found here.  The shooter was a left wing nut.

Had the shooter been connected in any way (which he is not) to the conservative movement, this would be a “let no crisis go to waste” media field day.  Once the connection is made between Loughner and the progressive left, all will quiet down because he will miraculously become “mentally ill” and one to be pitied.  In fact, the media will not connect the shooter to the left…because they are controlled by the left.

Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords shot point blank range along with 19 people, 5 of whom have died.  She was conducting her third “Congress on the Corner” event since November.  She is in critical condition from a shot to the temple, the bullet went through her brain and exited the side of her head.    Federal Judge John M. Roll was also shot.  He is confirmed by Federal Marshalls as deceased.

The gunman is in custody.  There are reports that the gunman was fired upon by someone in the crowd during the attack and that a witness(es) chased the suspect down.  Fox news confirmed suspect is a 22 year old white male named Jerrod Loughner.  On his You-tube channel he is upset about the lack of “English literacy” of citizens in his Mexican border Arizona county, American currency, the Constitution, and stated “No, I won’t trust in God.”  On his MySpace page he says “Goodbye friends” as his last entry.  His favorite books are listed as Communist Manifesto and Mein Kamph. His pages have been taken down.

There are reports that a second person is involved and possibly arrested.

Fox News interviewed Arizona Senator Linda Lopez at 3:15.  Lopez was told the gunman is an Afghanistan VETERAN (unconfirmed)   She also referenced the Tea Party as possibly involved. (unconfirmed)  A previous attack on her office was propagandized as “tea party” opposition to Healthcare. On March 22, 2009 Giffords office door was shattered about 10 hours Healthcare was passed.

Hospital received 10 patients, one of whom died.  The death is a 9 year old female.  Five patients are in critical condition.  Five are now in surgery.  Doctors are very optimistic about Giffords recovery who is now out of surgery and following verbal commands.

The president spoke and gave no new information.

How ironic that Veterans and the Tea Party are already being blamed, without factual information, for this heinous act.  This is uncalled for.  Lunacy is not defined by political bend but by psychological instability.  This was an act of a monstrous lunatic.

Giffords, a third term democrat from the 8th district AZ, holds political positions of a Blue dog democrat.  She is pro choice,  pro Stabilization Act, pro Reinvestment Act, pro gun Rights/2nd amendment, and a  proponent of strong border control.

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