(2011) FCBOE Chairan Coffman Says “I Think it is Time to Give Up”

On February 9, 2011

He is not referencing himself.  He believes Forsyth County Citizens should give up and allow him to continue unlawful activity as Chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Elections.

To get Conservative Shepherd readers up to date, below is a list of articles published by Yes Weekly concerning Forsyth County Board of Elections Chairman Rob Coffman.  These Yes Weekly articles were written based on recorded transcripts, multiple witness testimony, FCBOE public meetings, and records that have been submitted to the FBI.

2/9/2011  http://npaper-wehaa.com/yes-weekly/2011/02/09/#?article=1163116&page=7
2/7/2011 Forsyth Elections Supplemental: Lamar Joyner
2/2/2011 Alleged Lawbreaking, Impropriety, and Fraud Undermine Confidence in Forsyth Elections
2/1/2011  Forsyth County Election’s Director’s Job Hangs in Balance as Board Speaks to Employees
1/17/2011  Alleged Remark by Forsyth Elections Director Prompts Interest by State Officials

Winston Salem Journal Articles:
2/8/2011 Elections-Law Allegations Heard at Stormy Meeting
1/22/2011 Election Board Hears from Staffers About Boss Coffman
1/29/2011 Election Board Members Find No Sexual Harassment By Elections Director Coffman

Where there is smoke, there is fire.  Ongoing research confirms this to be the makings of an inferno.
Coffman’s final statement in the February 7 FCBOE meeting was “Every election is a learning time, but I have the same group of disgruntled employees that seem to not be able to give up. I think it’s time to give up.”

Unfortunatley for Coffman, giving up on the application of State and Federal statutory requirements in the operation/management of the Forsyth County Board of Elections is not an option for the eligible voting public.

Mere disciplinary action is not enough.  Coffman’s resignation is no longer enough.  He must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

All concerned voters are invited to attend:

Rally At the Commissioners Meeting
Monday, February 14 at 6:00pm
Location: Commissioner’s Meeting Room

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