(2011) Corruption Chart Forsyth County BOE

On February 10, 2011

I have built a flow chart illustrating FCBOE Chairman Rob Coffman’s sketchy history, a history that was missed by those who did (or didn’t do) his background check prior to his hire, thereby connecting his past to the present chaos in the Forsyth County Board of Elections.  We can come up with NO logical explanation why he has been allowed to remain un-certified by the State Board of Elections to the present (in violation of GS 163-35e).

When you lay with dogs you get fleas. Coffman’s past was a huge indicator of his low character, his propensity towards unacceptable behavior, his ethical short comings, and his lack of respect for employees, the law, and the constitutional standard of fair elections. Forsyth County now has a terrible case of the fleas.

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