(2011) Calling all Southern White Males: Obama Needs Your Vote in 2012

On January 19, 2011

As the White House gears up for Obama’s 2012 presidential bid, following his big “funeral – cum ba yah” kickoff in Arizona, Georgia Rep. John Lewis suggested an all out blitz to bring the “White” vote back into the democrat party.  He specifically targeted the Southern White Male vote.

For those just now “waking up,” this would be the group marginalized by Obama, his administration, and the liberal media as gun-toting, bible hugging, racist, homophobes. According to Mr. Lewis, the democratic party wants your vote in 2012.   Hmmmm.

Calling himself “hopeful” and “optimistic,” Lewis believes Obama will help the party win the South in 2012.  Other democrat strategists characterize the white southern vote as “up for grabs” in 2012.

So what do you think dear reader? Can Obama garner the support of Southern White Males or has that ship “sailed?”

Reference article: The Hill

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