(2010) Riding Both Sides of the Fence Will Be a Pain in the Rear for Burr

On November 16, 2010

It’s time to throw down on Senator Richard Burr.  His stubborn refusal to remove his support from S 510 The Food Safety and Modernization Act is a slap in the face of the conservatives who allowed him back into office. As far as this writer is concerned, a vote for S 510 is a vote for his opponent in his next Republican Primary.  We watched him let the horse out of the barn when he supported the G.I.V.E. Act and swallowed his explanations.  Not this time.  He is either with us or agin us.  That’s all I gotta say.

Just received a letter from Campaign for Liberty concerning the S 510 vote scheduled for Wednesday.  Just passing it on.

November 16, 2010

Dear North Carolina Friend of Liberty,

As you may have heard, Congress is returning from recess to finish out this year’s business in Washington.  After the “shellacking” the Democrats took from you on Election Day, they’re looking to get as much done as they can before the losers are run out of town on a rail.  This is the perfect time to start demanding some answers from Senator Richard Burr about his plan to determine what you can eat.

And let me warn you: if we don’t get some serious commitments from Senator Burr soon, then S. 510 might pass regardless of what happened on Election Day.

S. 510, the Food Modernization and Safety Act, uses a patchwork of rules and regulations on the food “industry” to throw America’s heartland under the government-subsidized corporatist bus as it crushes local and community producers of healthy food.

You see, we are facing one of the most dangerous periods for liberty: The Lame Duck session.  This is when Congress comes back after Election Day and before the new Congress takes office in January.  There is a nearly two month window where we have many senators who have lost their election – and are no longer accountable to their constituents – but are still able to vote.

I suspect this will be a desperate two months for many of our opponents.  The Obama Administration lost many of its supporters in Congress on Election Day.  They only have two months to get what they can.

Here’s why Senator Burr is so important.  Senator Burr is one of the few Republicans who is a cosponsor of S. 510.  This bill gives incredible powers to the federal government to control small local farms, basically determining the food you can eat.

It is amazing to me that we can see how government regulators ignored the problems on BP’s Deepwater Horizon gulf oil rig and somehow believe that we can trust them to regulate large food corporations.

What I expect we will see is more raids on small local food Coops of citizens who want Organic alternatives, like the raid in California where the FDA came into one Coop looking for “organic milk” with their guns drawn.  All this was going on while “big, safe, and regulated agriculture” was selling eggs with salmonella.

The Obama administration has made it clear it will use any “crisis” as a pretext to create more government.

So what do we need from Senator Burr?

We need Senator Burr to pledge to oppose any Lame Duck actions on S. 510.  Campaign for Liberty’s sources on the Hill inform me that this bill could come up for a vote THIS WEDNESDAY.  There’s no more time left for Senator Burr to try to convince us not to hold him accountable.

We need our senator to get very specific by:
1)  Pledging to oppose any attempt to bring up S. 510 during the Lame Duck Session
2)  Pledging to support a filibuster on any bill or amendment that tries to further regulate our food during the Lame Duck session.

You can sign an online petition to send this message to Senator Burr by clicking HERE.

The bad news is that Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, and Obama’s other Senate allies are determined to bring it up during the post-election lame duck session of the Senate, when they no longer have to worry about offending voters.

The worse news is that they appear to have a solid ally in North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr.  He is a cosponsor of this bill, and despite increasing calls from North Carolina conservatives to withdraw his sponsorship, he’s stubbornly continuing to support it.

Just to let you know the political reality right now:  We were able to stop the so-called “DISCLOSE” Act because we were able to get every Republican to vote against it.  If just ONE Republican had crossed over, groups like C4L would be effectively shut down.  That’s why Burr’s steadfast refusal to see reason on this bill is so darned dangerous.

A particularly informative contribution can be found here.  The article, “12 Reasons Why the Food Safety Bill Could Be Very dangerous For the U.S. Economy,” details the most dangerous consequences that could arise should this bill be passed.  I encourage you to take a moment to examine it.

As Campaign for Liberty members have bombarded Senator Burr’s office with phone calls and emails demanding he withdraw his sponsorship of this bill, they have been told repeatedly that Senator Burr must keep sponsoring the bill so he can continue to have input into it.

His staffers have told many of you, “The senator knows it’s a bad bill, but with Democrats in the majority, they’ll pass the bill without any conservative input at all if he doesn’t work with them to ‘moderate’ it.”

I say hogwash.

We have seen time and again this year that when Republicans in the Senate have stood united, they have stopped many of the terrible bills of the Obama agenda from coming to a vote.  From the DISCLOSE Act to Cap & Trade to Harry Reid’s DREAM Act, Senate Republicans, when united, have stopped Reid and Obama in their tracks.

Senator Coburn, who is not a cosponsor, has helped to stop this bill temporarily, hoping to buy time to rally a united defense to kill it for good.

As I said earlier, our own Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) is still a cosponsor of this bill.  Despite the surge in demands for limited, constitutional government, Senator Burr still can’t see how bad this bill is.  That’s why he needs to hear from you!

Contact Richard Burr’s office today at 202-224-3154 or email his office at chris_joyner@burr.senate.gov.  Tell him to join Senator Coburn’s stand against this bill and to vote against it when Harry Reid brings it up for a cloture vote this week.

You can also send an e-petition to him by clicking HERE.

In Liberty,
Adam Love
NC State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty


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