(2012) Why SKYTL Matters to NC

SCYTL (see previous articles) has been flying under the radar for quite a long time.  Their involvement in US elections went virtually unnoticed in the 2010 election cycle.  Now, two years later and without the help of main stream media, the internet underground has discovered and is now in the process of informing the public.  Below is a list of SKYTL’s 2010 “News and Events” that pertain to the United States.  There is much more under the 2011 and 2012 tabs.  SKYTL’s website and news page can be accessed here. Again, this is a list of 2010 only.  Commentary continues after the list.
October 25,
sponsors the IFES conference on 2010 US Election Program
is known as The International Foundation for Electoral Systems
September 13, 2010
awarded a contract to provide its online solution to the State of
by Alabama’s
Secretary of State
, Beth Chapman.
August 30, 2010
to provide its voting solution to overseas voters from 9 U.S. States

selected by the U.S. Federal
Voting Assistance Program
of the Department of Defense. Awarded
to 9 out of 20 states that AGREED to participate and used in 2010
election cycle.
The United States Department of
(Defense Department, USDOD, DOD or
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Department_of_Defense is
the U.S.
federal department charged with coordinating and supervising all
agencies and functions of the government relating directly to
and the United
States armed forces
Falls under EXECUTIVE BRANCH per
Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution designates the President
as “Commander in Chief” of the Army, Navy and state
militias. The President decides upon military policy based on the
discussions in the National
Security Council
and other policy-making forums (e.g. the Council
on Foreign Relations

The President then delegates responsibility for executing these
policy directives to the Secretary
of Defense
, who is in charge of the Department of Defense.

August 16, 2010
participates in the Annual Election Center Conference in the USA

The Election
is also known as the National Association of Election
August 16, 2010
participates in the Annual Election Center Conference in the USA

The Election
is also known as the National Association of Election
August 09, 2010
presents at the Workshop on UOCAVA Remote Voting Systems in USA

This Workshop was organized by the Election
Assistance Commission
(EAC), Federal
Voting Assistance Program
(FVAP) of the Department of Defense,
and National
Institute of Standards and Technology
contention that Congress has nothing to do with this electronic
internet voting platform.
The EAC is an independent Federal
Commission in the EXECUTIVE BRANCH
August 02, 2010
awarded a contract from the New York State Board of Elections for
overseas voters
through partner Overseas
Vote Foundation
(OVF) Scytl was selected due to its significant
abilities to provide complying technologies to support the ENABLING
legislation passed by the U.S. Congress. The system will be
available for use by overseas voters for the 2010 election cycle and
contention that Congress has nothing to do with this electronic
internet voting platform.
July 22, 2010
exhibits its solutions at the NASS Summer Conference in Rhode Island

The conference was attended by state officials from across the
United States.
July 01, 2010
supplies electronic poll book software to be used in Washington DC

to SKYTL partner Hart
for use in the 2010 Primary and General elections.
May 17, 2010
invited to present at the FSASE Conference in Fort Myers (Florida )

through Florida
State Association of Supervisors of Elections
May 10, 2010
selected to provide its MOVE Act compliant solution to states in the
by the Federal
Voting Assistance Program
from the U.S. Department of Defense.
This prepared SKYTL for eventual use throughout the United States
and its territories.
April 12, 2010
ePollBook solution successfully used in the State of Washington

where the election experienced close to a 60% increase in turnout in
the King Conservation District 2009 Board of Supervisors election.
March 15, 2010
Virginia awards a contract to Scytl to offer Internet voting
virtue of state enacted legislation allowing electronic internet
voting during the Primary and General Election cycle 2012.
February 08, 2010
participates in the NASS Winter Conference in Washington DC
SCYTL marketed their product to the
National Association of Secretaries of State
On January 29, 2010
invited to present at the NASED Winter Conference in Washington DC

where the SCYTL electronic internet voting platform was marketed to
National Association
of State Election Directors

Clearly, Congress has passed enabling legislation that has set the stage for the cabinet level independent commissions to remove the American electoral process to foreign soil.  It is evident that the Constitution places these commissions under the EXECUTIVE BRANCH.
However, it is also clear that each state has a Secretary of State and an Elections Commission.  It is these bodies on a state level that either have contracted with or are anticipating a contract with this Spanish company.  These are the folks that we the people need to go after.  
Do not get a false sense of security if your state, for instance North Carolina, is not currently involved in this electronic internet voting platform.  North Carolina uses ES&S equipment (Forsyth County).  From Business Wire: “Scytl and Election Systems & Software signed an agreement in May, 2011
to jointly market solutions for military and overseas voters in the
United States and have been working together with election jurisdictions
ever since to demonstrate these initiatives.” 
SKYTL is aggressively marketing their Global platform to every state, including NC.  Unless we stop this at a state level, our votes will eventually go overseas…to be counted…at the expense of our national security.

North Carolina is in the process of electing a new Secretary of State and Governor.  The Candidates for SoS are AJ Daoud, Ken Gardner, Ed Goodwin, and Mike Beitler.  The candidates for Governor (who appoints 5 members to the state BOE) are Jim Harney, Scott Jones, Jim Mahan, Pat McCrory, Charles Kenneth Moss, and Paul Wright. These candidates need to be informed of this information.  We MUST determine which of them will stand fast and hard against this EXECUTIVE BRANCH attack on our electoral process. 

This is, in my opinion, the most important issue facing our state.  Without sanctity of our vote, we are no longer a free country.   

Please contact me with information regarding Secretary of State and Governor candidates on this issue.  I will also be doing my own research.   

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