(2012) ES&S and SCYTL

The NC Elections Commission has responded to patriot phone calls concerning an electronic internet voting platform offered by SKYTL with the reassurance that “we don’t use the same voting equipment”  as the 14 States already under contract with the Spanish company.   Article on the threat of SKYTL to our electoral process here.

Well, heads up.

From Business Wire

“Scytl and Election Systems & Software signed an agreement in May, 2011
to jointly market solutions for military and overseas voters in the
United States and have been working together with election jurisdictions
ever since to demonstrate these initiatives.”

Forsyth County uses ES&S voting equipment/software.

2012 may be (and I mean MAY) the last time your vote counts.  So suggests the information published by the Department of Defense (DOD), Government Accounting Office (GAO), and National Institute for Standards and Technologies (NIST).   My how things must have changed at the DOD since 2004.  Eight years ago they said this was not impossible with current technologies and O-BAM…now they have gone all in.

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