(2012) Delegate Dirty Pool

Santorum’s dropped the 8 ball…Where will his delegates go?

From UPI (excerpt)

“While most estimates show GOP presidential hopeful Romney with 657 or
658 delegates and Santorum with 273 to 281, “the real count” gives
Romney 571 delegates and Santorum 342, the memo by delegate strategist
John Yob of the Grand Rapids, Mich., political consulting firm Strategic
National said.

Instead of Romney and Santorum being separated by nearly 400
delegates, as widely reported — which suggests Romney has essentially
sewn up the race — the White House hopefuls are separated by only 229
delegates, said the memo published by CNN and reviewed by United Press

The screen shot came from DailyPaul.

Main Stream Media has declared Mittens the winner…by default. Will you let the RNC media blackout of TRUTH manipulate you?

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