(2012) Burr’sOffice:Nothing We Can Do

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I called Richard Burr’s Washington
office today and managed to speak with one of his hired lackey
lawyers named “William.” The subject of our conversation was the
Spanish company SCYTL who are contracted to count American
Votes overseas in November.  SCYTL’s technologies were used in 2010
midterm elections in New York, Texas, Washington, California,
Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico,
Nebraska, West Virginia and Washington DC. The firm also provides
balloting for overseas U.S. military.and civilian voting in nine
states plus elections technologies in several districts. One can
assume they will be an active participant in the 2012 elections as

The Department of Defense (DOD), the Goverment Accountability Office (GAO), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have investigated and concluded that electronic internet voting is vulnerable and technologically impossible to safeguard from security issues, privacy, or accuracy of votes.

I specifically asked William if Burr was aware of SCYTL’s involvement in our electoral process outside the recommendations of three government agencies.  According to him, Burr is aware.  I then asked him of Burr’s plan to safeguard the American Electoral Process from SCYTL or any other technologically vulnerable electronic voting schemes being used in the 2012 elections possibly in violation of Federal laws.

William stated that Burr could do
nothing on the Federal level, and attempted to send me to the NC
Elections Commission. He said this was a State issue and Congress had no authority on the issue of SCYTL or their involvement in our election process.

Burr’s assistant, “William,” could not respond to the 2010 pilot program of the FEDERAL U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to FEDERALLY certify an internet voting platform for our uniformed and overseas citizens. He could not respond to proposed FEDERAL requirements and a FEDERAL manual outlining certification of voting systems used during actual elections (that place candidates into FEDERAL office).

He also could not respond to the FEDERAL Regulations that authorized/outlined the “requirements” and the “manual” used to oversee this FEDERAL program.

These regulations are 61 Fed.Reg.16088.90 (March 31,2010) and 75 Fed. Reg. 21285 (April 23, 2010) (Requirements) and 61 Fed. Reg. 18189 (Apr. 9, 2010) (Manual)

It is stating the obvious that North Carolina officials, be they election officials or legislative members, have no authority over Federally mandated Regulations or authorized Commissions.

That puts us back to square one. No Accountability.  No Transparency.  These words should be removed from the dictionary because they no longer have meaning nor application.

Congress, (including Senator Richard Burr) established the EAC to ensure that voting and election administration systems “afford each registered and eligible voter an equal opportunity to vote and have that vote counted.”

The Commission’s key duties are to “provide for the testing, certification, decertification and recertification of voting system hardware and software by accredited laboratories” pursuant to voting system guidelines established by the Commission and in accordance with HAVA. 42 U.S.C. §§ 15361, 15371.

The Election Assistance Commission
EAC) is an
agency of the United States government
created by the Help
America Vote Act
The Help America Vote Act or HAVA,
is a
States federal law
which passed in the House
357-48 and 92-2 in the
and was signed into law by
on October 29, 2002 of 2002 (HAVA).  
Independent Agencies
of the United
States federal government
are those agencies
that exist outside of the federal
executive departments
(those headed by a Cabinet
secretary). More specifically, the term is used to describe agencies
that, while constitutionally part of the executive
, are independent of presidential control, usually because
the president’s power to dismiss the agency head or a member is
I’m gonna repeat that last sentence.
“While constitutionally part of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH, the Election
Assistance Commission (EAC) is independent of presidential control
usually the president’s power…is limited.

course, your president is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and the
Judicial/Legislative Branches have ceded all power to the Executive

In 2004, a panel of experts commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense concluded that it was not possible to ensure the privacy, security, or accuracy of votes cast over the Internet with its current architecture. They said the attempt to provide secure, all-electronic Internet voting was “an essentially impossible task.”

In 2007, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that email and Internet voting is “most vulnerable to privacy and security compromises than conventional methods now in use” and that “available safeguards may not adequately reduce the risks of compromise.”

In 2008, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) found that the“[t]echnology that is widely deployed today is not able to mitigate many of the threats to casting ballots via the web.”

In 2008, thirty leading computer science experts and professors at major universities signed a statement asserting that until “serious, potentially insurmountable technical challenges” are overcome, permitting the Internet to be used for public elections “is an extraordinary and unnecessary risk to democracy.”

The Involvement of Scytl in the US electoral process raises National Security Concerns.Foreign governments may seek to undermine the national security interests of the United States, either directly or through other organizations.

Scytl, which has been associated with the Spanish government, is represented on theUOCAVA Working Group. Scytl was apparently founded in 2001 as a spin-off from a research group at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and was (and may still be) partially funded by the Spanish government’s Ministry of Science and Technology. Scytl’s headquarters is in Barcelona (Spain) although Scytl also has offices in Washington, D.C., Singapore, Bratislava (Slovak Republic) and Athens (Greece). The identitiy os SCYTL’s ultimate owner(s) and controllers(s) have not been determined from publically available information.

MUST READ Voter Action Election Assistance Commission complaint here MUST READ

So…there you have it. According to “William” at Richard Burr’s Washington Office there is NOTHING that Richard OR CONGRESS can do.

When I suggested “IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA,” William suggested that I contact the House of Representatives.

Whatever, William.

By Sandra Jordan Robles from sources, for which I am grateful and have listed below for readers.
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