The President’s Civil War

(Warning: Lyrics quoted in the following article contain profane language and are not suitable for children.)

I find it amazing how effective Obama and the Department of Justice have been in their deliberate planning of what may soon ignite into a Civil War over Race.   From the timing of racially motivated news events to Obama’s less than Presidential personal interjections into the media spin, race relations in America have  declined at an alarming rate since 2008.  Starting with Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute Black Panther’s threatening voters at a Philadelphia precinct (08) to the most recent controversy over the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

It is not surprising that we have ended up here.  We were all warned of Obama’s connections to Socialist Community Organizers (ACORN), the Black Panthers, and the radical Black Liberation Church theology of Rev. Wright.  The cathartic release of white guilt in the voting booth resulted in our highest office usurped by an unknown black man bound to the destruction of our Constitution and rule of law.

The utter destruction left in his path to foreign policy, civil liberties, homeland security, ethics, transparency, healthcare, budget, finances and government over-reach is monumental.  His manipulation of race relations is his cover…his disguise…in his personal war against our country.  While he has kept the media/pundits busy with inflammatory social engineering of a class and race war, his treasonous activities behind the scenes go virtually unchecked. If caught off mic making promises to Russia or an eligibility investigation comes to light, all of a sudden a black thug in Florida becomes the front page news…for weeks.  The media goes all out spin crazy on a “white” hispanic (whatever that is) that has targeted and “murdered” a black youth based on a hoodie.   All hell breaks lose, the real issue moves to the back page news, and Obama pulls it off again.  It is a cycle that has been repeated his entire presidency.

Until we begin to see the ebb and flow of his timing, his manipulation of headline news, we will not understand that WE are being manipulated.  Rolled. Pimped.  He’s grinding his foot on the throat of our slowly dying freedom and his socio-pathetic Achilles heel wears “gators.”

With pimp stick in hand, I’ma take command
My gators and me close as can be
We done pimped plenty hoes, my gators and me
We ride around together, mackin’ forever

I hate it has come to this.

It is my opinion that this racial divide is exactly what this radical
intended from the minute he came on the scene and is one of the main goals of
his administration, appointments, and legislative agenda.  Simply put, he thinks this will help him get re-elected. He needs the cover.  He also needs and covets the power.  Fear is Satanic power.  Fear of civil war taking over the streets keeps the politicians quiet and kills truth.  Fear of retaliation creates paralysis in those caught in his path.  Fear keeps the money flowing to special interests.  Fear promotes a police state.  Fear keeps the electorate occupied with survival.

Others have noticed this meme as well.  From WND come a quote from Erik Rush, a sociopolitical columnist and author, “Civil unrest is an Obama administration objective, since it will
facilitate crises sufficient for the president to justify suspensions of
civil rights. Provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act,
Obama’s recent National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order,
as well as others, have certainly paved the way for such action.”

It is time to start paying attention.  The timing and ferocity of hate arising out of the Trayvon Martin story is a sure sign that something else is going on.  Is it Sheriff Arpaio?  Is it Russia?  It is Voter ID or the Supreme Court case on Healthcare?  Is it Fast and Furious or the impeachment proceedings?  Or is it something deeper, more sinister?

Check out these lyrics to a new release by Miami based Haitian rapper Zoeja Jean.

all black in my hoodie
strapped up with those AKs
f–k protesting

lets start a riot
lets start a riot

**** all these p—y crackers
their laws and their bulls–t
b—h we got ****
with Glocks with the full clip

gather round for Trayvon
gather round for Trayvon
every little brother
knock that cracker –s off

If today’s “race war” headlines are a hint that Obama is up to something, it is something big.  Very big. 
Town on Verge of all out Race War
Black Panthers Call for Race War Bloodshed
Rev. Wright Unleashes Racially Charged Sermons
Alarms Over Obama Coup Against Constitution Surging

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