Amnesty: The Ugly Truth

Before I get to the meat of this
article on “illegal immigration,” please review the chart (click to enlarge) and consider the following questions:
Why does our government force U.S.
Citizens to provide goods and services to non-citizens? (see
immigration chart)
Why does our government refuse to
enforce immigration law? (see immigration chart)
Why does our government seek to punish
those who attempt to enforce immigration law? (Arpeio, SC, Utah, ALA)
Why does our government ignore border
security but continues to increase security measures against lawful
citizens? (For example TSA, Supreme Court ruling on Strip Searching)
Why does our government participate in
illegal activity with criminal enterprises? (Fast and Furious gun
running/money laundering/murder)
Most of us have considered these
questions as we have witnessed the negative effects of illegal immigration on our nation, a decline
which has greatly accelerated over the last 5 years but has been
going on for decades.
Have you ever asked yourself, WHY? Well,
I asked around. The two answers I most often received from average citizens were cheap
labor and pandering to illegal special interests for votes. Ask a politician, and it’s a completely different answer.  Two Forsyth County commissioner candidates (2012) have been reported as saying “Americans are lazy” (Gloria Whisenhunt) and “…if Americans would work” (John Bost).  This in itself exposes a disconnect between the people and the political class that is compelling.
Unfortunately, the pandering for votes
is not providing sufficient numbers. Forsyth Futures most recent
data indicates the following:
Since 2004 the percent of the
population registered to vote has remained consistent at around 86
percent. However, the percent of registered voters actually voting
in general elections is much lower than the number of registered
voters. On average about 70 percent of the population, registered to
vote, cast a ballot during the presidential election years of 2004
and 2008.
These statistics reveal a hard truth.  No matter how hard the left or right work to get out the vote,
there are ONLY 14% of our eligible residents who remain unregistered.
Furthermore, of the registered voters, 81% are engaged with the
electoral process.
From my previous article Pro-Immigration Forces Outsmart ForsythCounty Conservatives:

These statistics do not leave a lot of wiggle room for opposing
ideologies to one up the other. If the conservative movement is to
survive in Forsyth County, we must understand how these statistics
are being used by the progressives.

Forsyth County’s local liberal caucus has recognized the most
famous law in economics, central to production theory (production of
eligible voters in this case), known as the law of diminishing
returns. The law states “we will get less and less extra output
(registered progressive voters) when we add additional doses of an
input (get out the vote initiatives) while holding all other inputs
(eligible voters) fixed. In other words, get out the vote efforts
will decline in effectiveness if eligible voters remain constant.

The obvious solution is to increase the number of eligible voters.
How will this be accomplished? It will be accomplished through
initiatives such as the legitimizing of illegal alien status. A prime
example is the acceptance of de facto ID’s by the Winston Salem
Police Department from progressive pro-illegal immigration groups
like CHANGE.  As our community begins to recognize the “rights” of
illegal aliens with no regard for law, it is only a matter of time
before these defacto ID’s qualify defacto citizens for what will
become a defacto right to vote.

Back to the original six questions, WHY is our government doing
the opposite of what it should be doing. The answer is much deeper
that cheap labor (capitalism) or, most important to the political
class, vote pandering.
WE ARE BEING REPLACED! Before you laugh, or leave the page, hear me out.  Our out-of-control elite centralized
government must replace us to stay in control. There are not enough
disengaged American voters left to coerce, mollify, or parlay into
supporting their elite power structure. In fact, such large numbers of Americans
have become engaged since 2008, many of the political elite have
either lost (2010 elections) or are in imminent danger (2012
elections) of losing their jobs, positions of power, and access to
financial gain. This is exactly why the GOP has engaged supposed
Conservative Marco Rubio to draft an alternative “Dream Act” for illegal aliens 
This is exactly the purpose of Obama’s Executive memo to John
Morton, Director of I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
directing him to use “prosecutorial discretion” (translated; don’t enforce) when enforcing immigration laws.
The replacement of the American electorate (through non enforcement/complicit
assistance of government) with overwhelming numbers of new defacto “citizens”
is not only happening, it is imperative to the maintenance of the
elite-centralized-big government power structure.


My point is most succinctly made in a 2008 petition for redress by the Southern National Congress. Exercising their First Amendment Rights to
petition the government for redress of grievances, they included in
their petition the following words:

“…However, in a recent and very short span of years, our States have been overrun with foreigners too numerous and too alien to be absorbed.  We are quite literally threatened with the unwanted transformation of our society through unlimited mass immigration.

The Federal Government, through bad laws and policies, and through willful failure to enforce good laws, is directly responsible for this situation – acting against the expressed will of the people and in deliberate repudiation of its Constitutional duties.

Federal power is being used to displace us a People in our own land.  It is hard to imagine anything more abusive and faithless on the part of our government and political leaders, whose legitimate function is the protection of society…”

Just in case you didn’t “bother” to access the link, the above petition was adopted in December 2008 prior to the DREAM Act debacle, prior to the Fast and Furious gun running operation, prior to Obama and his transformation of the Department of Justice into a criminal enterprise.  What has happened since then?

The situation has further declined to the point of national crisis.  Why?  Because we fail to see the underlying motive behind amnesty.  It is not about protecting the sovereignty of our nation.  It is not about “rule of law.”  It is not about protecting the poor and disenfranchised alien forced to break the law by circumstance.  It is not about the romantic notion behind Liberty’s “Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

And they will protect this power structure using any means at their disposal.  If there are not enough legitimate votes to maintain their power structure, they will create them.  If they cannot create new voters by enlarging the base via amnesty/illegal immigration, they will be forced to exercise their only other option.   That option is voting fraud.  I predict that nationwide voting fraud will be rampant in 2012 and for that reason I believe Obama will be “re-elected” into office. I am not talking about a piddly stuff like illegal registrations, electioneering crimes, or stuffed ballot boxes.  I’m talking about computer crime: The altering of voting equipment…with results similar to what happened in Craven County, North Carolina last election.  Scroll to 3:40 on this next video to see an actual demonstration of computerized voting fraud and the ease with which it is accomplished. Could this explain Craven County?
It bears repeating one more time and I pray that YOU hear and understand WHY our government refuses to properly address illegal immigration, enforce the law, protect the sanctity of our borders, or end economic hardships of citizens forced to support illegal alien crime/social services/education. There is a reason WHY the government continues to arbitrarily reduce the freedoms of American Citizens to travel without harrassment, exercise free speech, argue “standing” in the Judicial system, or exhale CO2 without being considered a detriment to the “environment.”

By Sandra Jordan Robles

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