RE: La Raza’s War in NC

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention, WAR has been declared on Capitalism/Imperialism by La Raza.  See this video of a Los Angeles teacher calling for a Mexican Revolt in America.

This is happening in Crazy Cali, one might be tempted to say while massaging their normalcy bias.  Just a bunch of militant Latino’s giving a shout out to Castro…besides, they didn’t actually say America, they said capitalism and imperialism.  

wrote German economist Werner Sombart in
1906 “America is the Canaan of capitalism, its promised land,” That Imperialism is the highest form of capitalism suggests that America by definition embodies these terms unlike any country in the entire world.

If, by some stretch of imagination, this so called “war against capitalism” is actually war against America, those of us on the East Coast are so far from the Mexican border, then by another stretch of the imagination, we must be “safer” than other states.  Au Contraire mon ami, these crazed insurgents have breached the line in North Carolina…and YOU are surrounded.  Forsyth County has SURRENDERED to these groups. 

In fact…we are in CODE RED. Forsyth County Board of Elections has
been infiltrated by a radical group called Democracy Winston Salem
Voting Rights Coalition an affiliate of Democracy North Carolina, which is affiliated with La Raza. This
coalition is registered with the IRS under false pretenses as
non-profit non-partisan 501(c)3 status (translates to tax exempted). This group is known to engage
in partisan pro-illegal immigration political activity including
questionable voter registration, partisan get out the vote initiatives,
and illegal partisan activity through state supported institutions.
Their most recent documented illegal partisan activity centered around 6000 emails transmitted via Winston Salem State University during the 2010 elections.  That video you just watched…Democracy NC is affiliated with that La Raza

Did yall know that American churches are being threatened with removal of their 501(c)3 tax exempt status for political activity. (Maine, Kansas, California, South Dakota)  Even our local Gospel Light Baptist Church was told NOT to hand out “voter guides” or face loss of tax exempt status. Yet these extremely partisan community organizing tax exempt groups manage to conduct political activity in Forsyth County and North Carolina without threat.

The leader of Winston Salem Voting Rights, Democrat party activist Linda Sutton,
has managed a position as as one of three Chairpersons of the Forsyth
County Board of Elections. She received training from the Alyski Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF),
NAACP and supports local radical group Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain
Empowerment (CHANGE).  It bears repeating. She is an affiliate of pro-illegal immigration insurgent group Democracy North Carolina whose staff includes known ACORN, La Raza, and AmeriCorps radicals.

Also hiding under 501(c)3 status is Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE), They are headed up by one time 3rd Vice Chair of the Forsyth County Democratic Party Ryan Eller.  This group is one of 5 North Carolina affiliates of the Saul Alinsky IAF.  The IAF supports La Raza.  (I know…I seem to be repeating myself.)

CHANGE’s latest offensive
resulted in the surrender of the Winston Salem Police Department to
their unverifiable insurgent identification card initiative.
These defacto picture identification cards are being distributed to
illegal aliens in Forsyth county and may be used to create false
identities, multiple identities, commit voter fraud, receive Forsyth
County social services and avoid detection by immigration authorities.
The issuance of these cards is completely unregulated by any state/federal authorities and are
conducted by CHANGE members.  In fact, the agreement between this group and the WSPD prohibits the police department access to CHANGE records. 

There are six Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) organizations
( located throughout the state:
Charlotte/Mecklenburg HELP, Triangle CAN, North Carolina Latino
Coalition, Chapel Hill/Orange County JUICE, Winston Salem CHANGE, and
Lexington (Davidson County) Citizens for CHANGE Sponsoring Committee.
Radical Socialist community organizer and academic Saul Alinsky founded
the IAF in 1940. He is best known as a primary catalyst for the
community organizing movement of the 1960’s and for his 1971
best-selling book Rules for Radicals, which served as the inspiration for a little known community organizer from Chicago named Barack Hussein Obama.

As I said earlier.  You are surrounded…by La Raza.  You know, those folks in the above video.

Oh…I’m sorry. Did I disturb your nap.  Go on back to nighty night.  Nothing will happen here in North Carolina.  Really.  You can pretend you never saw this.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

P.S.  Did I remind you that the Linda Sutton, Co-Chair of the Forsyth County BOE is one of the folks involved in certifying your vote this November?  In fact, several weeks ago the FCBOE approved WSSU as an early voting site for 2012 again, virtually ignoring their fraudulent activity in 2010. She is one of the officials we must TRUST to maintain fair, non-partisan, legal elections in Forsyth County.

No matter, not to worry, it was just a random thought.  Sweet Dreams.

Written by Sandra Jordan Robles

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