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Do YOU trust Rob Coffman to certify your vote in Forsyth County?

A most excellent article was written by Jordan Green at YESWeekly back in February 2011.  Following are a few verbatim excerpts from this must read article that Forsyth County voters should consider when answering the previous question:.

“In December 2010, the Forsyth County Board of Elections prematurely
issued a certificate of election to a candidate immediately after an
election protest was dismissed,” State Board of Elections Executive
Director Gary Bartlett told YES! Weekly in a written statement. “Subsequently, the certificate was timely issued and the candidate was sworn into office.”

Forsyth County servers were networked during the 2008 general and primary, and the 2007 general and primary.”  [This means Forsyth County Election software was accessible from EVERYWHERE and were remotely accessed by Coffman while out of town.]

Two employees claim they were directed by Coffman to approve voter registrations that lacked
signatures or check-offs on questions about the applicant’s citizenship
and felony status. They said they complied out of fear that they would
lose their jobs.

On Winston Salem State University registration fraud:

2009 we processed a large number of returned voter cards from
Winston-Salem State University,” she said in the affidavit. “These cards
should have been returned months earlier.

Coffman informed the board of a large mailing of voter registration
cards that had returned from WSSU,” official board minutes from December
2009 read. “The cards were returned a few months later than the usual
amount of time. It was unsure [sic] whether the unnecessary delay
occurred with the WSSU post office or the Greensboro post office.”

Now pay close attention to this last excerpt.  Read it twice.  Make sure you understand what it says.  Then watch the following important video.  I also suggest you take a seat so you don’t hurt yourself falling down.

“Rebecca S. Pope, who is currently employed at the Forsyth elections office, indicated in a handwritten affidavit obtained by YES! Weekly that returned voter registration cards matched votes cast in the recent election.”  (Translation…move along folks…nothing to see here…all the numbers match…everthings A-O.K)

Now I will ask the question again. Do YOU trust Rob Coffman to certify Forsyth County Elections?

Written by Sandra Jordan Robles

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