RE: I’ve Been ROBBED

…and so have YOU!  Forsyth County Commission Chairman Richard Linville announced that he has instructed County
Manager Dudley Watts to present a budget with no tax increase after
consulting with a majority of his fellow commissioners.

On the heels of this promise from the county, the city council is digging a fiscal hole…a really, really, BIG hole … that Winston Salem taxpayers may eventually have to throw money in AFTER absorbing it’s feasibility study at the cost of $700,000.00.  And this money comes straight from the taxpayers at a cost of $20 to $40 MILLION PER MILE.  

They call it an “urban circulator.”  That is big government big spending code for “A BUS.” This will be a fancier, much more expensive BUS than the ones we already have.  There is some notion that it will “look” like a San Francisco trolley, or an old world streetcar but count on this…it is gonna look to us like a piece of mail with a Tax Office return address or increased fees.

Have I mentioned that we already have PART (Peidmont Area Regional Transit) which happens to be LOSING money. We also have WSTA (Winston Salem Transit Authority) that has financial issues as well.

The left hand “county commissioners” promises no new taxes while the right hand (municipal authorities) are spending your money hand over fist.  Make no mistake, we just rendered over to Caesar $700,000 to create ANOTHER money pit and more municipal debt.  Perfect plan.  Spend our way out of broke to more broke.


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