Here’s Your Sign

Coming to an American town near you.

In Texas, USA, parents found out that Arabic classes would be mandatory at some intermediate and elementary schools, as a condition for receipt of a federal grant!

On May 25 2010, educators in a Boston suburb brought sixth graders to one of the most controversial mosques in America, the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. The students were told about Islam from an American women convert, who said that in the time of Mohammed, “women were allowed to express their opinions and vote” while in America, “women didn’t get that right until less than a hundred years ago.” The students were also told that the only meaning of Jihad was a “personal spiritual struggle” and “Jihad has historically had no relationship with holy war.” Five of the Middle School boys had joined in the prayers to Allah, including one Jewish boy. The teachers did nothing to intervene!

each of these US cities there is a growing Muslim population: Dearborn,
Detroit, Tampa, Philadelphia, Camden, Wilmington, Brooklyn, Los
Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago, DC, Dallas, Houston, Ft. Worth, Atlanta,
San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis, Columbus, Memphis and Miami and the
residents are beginning to see a growing demand for ‘Sharia Law’ to take
precedence over our civil courts. 

Our youth have been intimidated into silence on college campuses where
the Muslim Student Association, founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, have taken hold.

compliant financial demands are being met on Wall Street and in public
and privately owned companies.

Educate yourself.

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