A Tale of Intrique

What a story!  H/T to Doug Wead The Blog and my Maine’r girl for sending it to me.  This is a follow up to my previous post WA GOP Rigs Election:

Tonight I went to an invitation-only meeting, whose sole purpose was to
destroy Ron Paul’s effectiveness in Washington’s Clark County Convention
on March 31st.

First, a little back story. It is no secret by now that in other areas
of Washington, and probably around the country, the GOP establishment is
scrambling to deny Ron Paul any delegate slots. In Washington there is
an organized effort to create a “Unity Slate” that consists of Romney,
Gingrich and Santorum delegates, and to get supporters of all three
candidates to vote as a bloc for this slate of delegates. The primary
force behind this scheme is the Romney campaign, and it should be no
surprise that they always end up with the lion’s share of delegates
listed on the slate.

I can’t spill all the details of how I ended up getting into this thing,
nor all the details of the meeting itself, lest any information be
easily traceable back to myself. I was there ‘undercover.’ What
follows is a brief account of what I saw: Read more


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