Holder’s DOJ Right Hand

…has no idea what the FBI’s Left Hand was doing in Fast and Furious gunrunning operation.  More scandal for Obama’s buddy erupts.

What a bunch of idiots. From the New American blog:

In another significant embarrassment to the scandal-plagued Obama
administration, newly released documents revealed that the supposed
“drug lords” being targeted in the deadly federal “Fast and Furious”
gun-running operation were actually working for the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) all along.

Thousands of American weapons were illegally offered to violent
Mexican cartels by the Justice Department as part of the controversial
program — many of them paid for by U.S. tax dollars through the two FBI
assets supposedly being targeted in the investigation. Those guns were
later linked to hundreds of murders, including the killings of U.S.
federal agents.

Holder is the HEAD of this bunch of idiots.  And…drumroll please…he thinks he is being “targeted” because he is black.

In his sicko, radical, eat-up-with-racism, corrupt-o-crat, obot brain…we are NOT going after him because of any of the following:

His refusal to cooperate/contempt in the investigation of the disastrous Project Gunrunner,
His complicity in Fast & Furious gun running operations
His False Testimony/Perjury over his knowledge of Operation Fast & Furious to House Judiciary Comm.
His Complicity in the Death of Border Agent Brian Terry via Fast & Furious Operations
His failure to prosecute the blatant New Black Panther voter intimidation case,
His desire to prosecute members of the intelligence community over terror interrogations
His prosecution of terrorists in U.S. Civilian Courts
His link to Banks Accused of Foreclosure Fraud
His Witch-hunt to Take out Sheriff Joe Arpaio for political purposes
His Attack on South Carolina Voting Law
His Attack on Texas
His Attack on Religious Freedom and a Church’s Right to Fire Employees
His Attack on South Carolina Immigration Law
His Attack on Arizona Immigration Law
His Attack on Alabama Immigration LawHis stance on the Guantanamo detention center

Nope, none of that stuff matters.  We want Eric Holder removed from office, prosecuted, and imprisoned for the crime of …being black. 

Yeah Holder…you keep on thinking that….[eye roll]

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