WA GOP Rigs Election

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VIDEO: Is the Election Being Stolen From Ron Paul?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 – by Staff Report

Washington GOP on hidden camera excluding Ron Paul
Delegates … Election fraud has occurred in every state in the union,
but what may be the worst case yet happened on Saturday in Washington
State as GOP party ‘officials’ openly attempted to exclude Ron Paul
delegates from participating in the 2nd District’s Convention. With
hidden camera in hand, a Washington State resident secretly recorded
Alex Hayes, Director of “Mainstream Republicans of Washington State”
trying to exclude Ron Paul Delegates from participating in the election
by showing a “slate” of delegates to choose from that only included
supporters of the other three candidates. Acting on advice he told the
crowd that was specifically handed down from those three campaigns
themselves, in his own words he told the crowd of awaiting voters that
the “Romney, Santorum and Gingrich campaigns” all decided Paul wasn’t
going to be able to participate in the Convention. – Jeffrey Phelps /
Denver Conspiracy Examiner

Dominant Social Theme: This Ron Paul is just too extreme.

Free-Market Analysis: We’ve watched as the GOP top
honchos have tried to make sure that libertarian Congressman Ron Paul is
not the Republican candidate for US president, and that his clout is
mitigated as much as possible. Read more.

(Video from DontFearTruth’s YouTube user channel.)

Quoting DontFearTruth :

“Alex Hayes from the GOP in WA State attempts to Rig the Election against
Ron Paul, Notice they are sending slates to the sheeple so they will
know who to vote for as delegates and planned to send the printout slate
to the state convention as well…this man needs to be prosecuted for

I did not film this video and I am mirroring it from user theyalllied at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOZYQOzFT3Q”

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