RE: Plyler Blows GOP Cover

The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners met on Monday and voted 4 to 3 in favor of Voter ID in Forsyth County.  As was expected FAUX REPUBLICAN DAVE PLYLER voted with the DEMOCRATS AGAINST Voter ID.  Voting FOR potential voter fraud were democrats Walter Marshall, Everette Witherspoon, and GOP fake Dave Plyler.

Christian conservative and current candidate for Forsyth County Board of Commissioners Steve Wiles made the following statement:

“I commend the members of the Board who are in support of the Voter ID
resolution. This is not a racial issue, this is an American issue.
Every LEGAL American citizen can easily obtain a state issued ID.

We are a nation of laws; each one of you took an oath to uphold those laws. As I said, I commend and stand with those of you who seek to enforce these laws. If there is one fraudulent vote cast, that is one too many one that must be dealt with. 

Those on the board who wish to make it easier for anyone, whether they
be black, white, Hispanic, or any other race, creed, age or religion, to
break those laws or transgress upon those laws making voter fraud even
SLIGHTLY more possible, I say to you that you have failed the people of
this County. You have fallen short of your oat and thereby you are
lying to the fine people of this county and this country.”

I second his opinion. 

Plyler should be publicly rejected by the Forsyth County GOP.  His claim to be a Republican is a misrepresentation tantamount to a lie. The propensity to lie is a negative character trait that will be intensified with the power of elective office. Forsyth County Republicans and Independents must evaluate the strength of a candidates character whether casting their support or vote behind such a politician.

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