Obama’s Supreme Puppets?

For those conservatives
expecting the Supreme Court to invalidate Obama’s takeover of the
Healthcare industry, be prepared for the exact opposite outcome.  More is at stake than the legal death throes of the Constitution. It
has been proven time and time again that Obama has been able to
orchestrate, through state controlled media and judicial influence, devastating
psychological warfare against conservative America. From Obama’s parlay of a total media blackout of his lack of citizenship to the conflicts of interest surrounding Supreme court judges, the Constitution is on a warp speed roller coaster ride over the graves of our founding fathers towards it’s own headstone.  Engraved with the outright impartiality of Justice Kagan, there is not a chance of a snowball in Hades for the Healthcare takeover to fail.  American’s have
been left without standing on every single issue arising from this
administration.  Conservativism has been raped and in the wake of this legal violence, freedom’s purveyor’s have been left bloodied and bruised though not quite dead. Yet.
Recall the famous walk of Pelosi and
her over-sized gavel through the hordes of American patriots
protesting the nationalization of Healthcare. Recall DADT and the
budget battle. Every one of these battles was precipitated by media
cat and mouse demagoguery that ended in defeat for the U.S.
Constitution and a tipping of the governmental hat encouraging the
decline of the moral/legal fabric of our once free society. 
State controlled media has most recently devoted
air time to arguments that newborn euthanasia should be considered
acceptable all the while allowing the left to viciously attack
conservative radio personalities for opposing government financing of
immoral sexual behavior. Travon Martin has been portrayed as “the
son” Obama never had rather than the violent thug that he was. What was up is now down as America is redefined as the Socialist State of Obama. 
Obama and his appointed thugs have
declared WAR on God, WAR on America and the war continues under the
auspices of Judicial review of his unconstitutional Healthcare by our
highest court.
Today’s news reports headline “hard
questions” by the Justices, “defeat” for Obama’s unprecedented
grab of power, and predictions of victory for the opposition. This is always the “motis operandi” prior to EVERY OBAMA
VICTORY.   Ron Paul, Supreme Court clerks/lawyers who “know”
the presiding Justices,and others have either predicted or are CERTAIN the
usurper’s healthcare grab will be upheld.
This is a psychological war/game meant
to torment, dehumanize, and destroy Obama’s opposition.  Progressive anger pervades every administrative action, every soundbite, every press release, every appointment because Obama has the mindset of a rapist. Not so much about control but from the expression and exercise of his rage, whether inherited from his father or learned from Alynski, springs the socialist poison that is slowly killing our nation and freedom.

Just as Obama’s
open mic message to Vladimir Putin was no mistake, neither will be
the outcome of the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare. It is
planned and the end game is upon us. Once again we are experiencing
a false flag psychological attack meant to distract and create chaos
while his agenda falls into place.

I pray that I am proven wrong. I don’t
think I will be.
Isaiah 40:31
But they that
wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up
with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they
shall walk, and not faint.

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