Caesar Tyrannus Obama

Thanks to Ms. Barnhardt for granting permission to run a transcript of her speech at the Denver Rally for Religious Freedom.  This speech ROCKS!

Good afternoon. My name is Ann Barnhardt and I am the person who says
the things that everyone else is too terrified, and too attached to
earthly riches and power, to say.
Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and render unto the Lord that which is the Lord’s.
There seems to be some confusion as to what Caesar, in the form today
of Caesar Tyrannus Obama, is owed, so please permit me to clear up any
confusion on the matter once and for all.
Caesar Tyrannus Obama
is NOT OWED the broken bodies, decapitated heads and spilled blood of
our pre-born children, even though he now demands that he be worshiped
with such slaughter, and that we pay for it in a tribute attached to our
now-mandatory health insurance policies and enforced by his tax
collectors, or lose our earthly liberty.
Caesar Tyrannus
Obama is NOT OWED our fertility and ability to transmit and propagate
human life itself, even though he demands that WE PAY for foolish young
women to offer up their bodies to him, both in the forms of temporary
chemical sterilization OR permanent surgical sterilization.
Caesar Tyrannus Obama is NOT OWED our humanity, as he demands that we
allow ourselves to be reduced to nothing more than economic units, upon
which cost-benefit analyses will be calculated so that 
Caesar Tyrannus
Obama may decide who lives and who dies, that he may rape the
still-productive living and intoxicate himself on the blood of the unfit
and economically burdensome dead.
Caesar Tyrannus Obama is NOT
OWED our souls, as he demands that we publically renounce our Crucified
Savior and enter into mortal sin by cooperating with his satanic
regime. Caesar Tyrannus Obama demands that either we join him, with his
master, in hell for all eternity, or we will lose our earthly
possessions, our liberty, and eventually perhaps even our lives.
With all of the Christian Charity I can muster, I say this to Caesar Tyrannus Obama:
Go to hell.
Antichrists like you are owed nothing but the scathing contempt of decent human beings.
I will never comply.
I will never submit.
I will never renounce Christ.
I will never betray my Savior.
Confiscate my estate. Throw me in prison. Hang me at noon on the
town square. I am not afraid, and frankly, I’d consider it an honor.
I cannot be intimidated and I cannot be coerced to violate my conscience, because I fight under the Banner of Christ.
And because I fight under the Banner of Jesus Christ, I FEAR NO MAN.
I will render unto God that which is God’s, which is everything I have and everything I am.
I can think of no greater honor than to climb up on the Cross and be crucified with Jesus at the hands of Caesar.
For what little my wretched life is worth, may the Lord accept my
sacrifice at Caesar’s hands, for the praise and glory of His Name and
the good of all His Church.
HAIL Christ the King!
Viva Cristo Rey!


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