RE: RINO Alert: Dave Plyler

Country Commission candidates Everette Witherspoon and Dave Plyler tacitly ENDORSED voter fraud this week as they attempted to derail Voter ID requirements in Forsyth County.  Clearly both men are hanging their hats on our soon to be history, Obama coat-tailed, democrat governor, Beverly Perdue. Though passed ON FIRST READING by both NC House and Senate, Voter ID HB 351 “Restore Confidence in Government” was vetoed by Gov. Perduped…in direct opposition to the demands of NC citizens.  The Legislature failed to over-ride her veto.

This bill would have required voters to present a picture ID such as required to attend an R rated movie, drive, open a checking account, fly, buy alcohol/cigarettes, cash a check, get a loan, fill a prescription, etc.  Opponents claim that certain groups, such as minorities and the elderly, are unable to acquire photo ID citing such difficulties as transportation or financial hardship. 

The NC DMV website states:

To get a NC non-driver ID, you can go to any driver license office and apply. You will need the same proof of age and identity as if you were applying for a first-time driver license. The current fee for an ID card is just $10.

Of the two current commissioners in opposition to Voter ID, Everette Witherspoon is your garden variety corrupt democrat.

Now Plyler is a different story.  He is registered and CLAIMS to be a Republican, historically ran on the GOP ticket and  is currently running as Republican. The key word here is “historically.”  Plyler has a history, one that indicates a disconnect from the traditional less-government conservative values of the GOP.

Not only was he censured by the Forsyth County GOP in 2010 over his endorsement of Democrat Ted Kaplan, he is an advocate of big spending government largesse.  Even as North Carolina and our municipalities face economic Armageddon, Plyler supported an increase in public debt with his endorsement of the 2010 Library Bond.  With his endorsement of this project, he issued a public promise (more like a threat) to “do everything in his power to make sure nothing gets done until the library is at the head of the list.”  He also encourages the continued funding of the practically bankrupt PART (Piedmont Authority for Public Transportation). 

Make no mistake, Dave Plyler is NO Republican.  Plyler is a fake who cronies up to the democratic agenda.  Proof positive is his position against Voter ID in Forsyth County. He joins Witherspoon as “one of the boards three democrats,” said Bill Whiteheart.


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