RE: Catch Burr on a Good Day

…and he might support a conservative bill.  Appears that Senators’ John Thune and David Vitter got lucky and signed Burr up as a sponsor of this very important bill for Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. If I sound “ungracious,” GET OVER IT, because Burr has spent the last few years voting like a Democrat.  Let me rephrase that; Voting like a Democrat that needs to BE FIRED  and RETIRED from the public sector.

The Thune-Vitter Senate Bill 2213 “Respecting States’ Rights and Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act“was introduced into legislation yesterday.  USA Carry reports:

“Rather than establish a national standard, our bill will ensure
that law-abiding citizens are able to carry concealed firearms while at
the same time respecting the laws of the respective states they visit,”
said Sen. Thune.

The Thune-Vitter bill provides national recognition for concealed
carry permit holders (who have obtained one from their home states), but
it also recognizes the right to carry for residents of Constitutional
Carry states (where no permit is required).

The new bill has been sent to committee.  NOW is the time to contact BURR, HAGAN, and FOXX.

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