Holder’s Hot Seat

Attorney General Eric Holder’s hot seat just got hotter on the release of information concerning the release of a Mexican criminal who released guns into Mexico for the purpose of releasing the souls of anybody who got in the way of Cartel activity while releasing drugs on America’s streets.

In 2008, Hussein appointed
Eric Holder as Attorney General. Congress acquiesced with their
approval and the deed was done. Since that time Holder has been the
poster child for anti-gun zealots.

Eric Holder has managed to
escape (so far) accountability for the multitude of crimes committed
by his Department of Justice some of which were in collusion with the ATF. Case
in point, Fast and Furious. Even as our elected Congressional
eunuchs have launched a neutered investigation into one of their own,
the question still remains. WHY did Eric Holder, in full knowledge,
support an operation that put American weapons into the hands of
Mexican drug cartels that have been used against American citizens.
Here’s your
sign. Recorded in the 1990’s, LiveLinks has released this video of Eric Holder’s opinion of our
Constitutional right to bear arms and how he planned to deal with the
problem.  Fast and Furious has potentially been linked to
200 Murders in
Mexico and at least 11 crimes here in the
United States including the murder of US border agent Brian Terry.

The Daily Caller points
out, along with Holder, Obama
loaded his
administration with anti-gun zealots bent on destroying our Second
Amendment freedoms.
  • With the help of his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton,
    Obama made the U.S. an active partner to the U.N. gun-ban treaty.
    The U.N. will unveil this unmitigated attack on our sovereignty this
    summer and the Obama administration has vowed to implement it.

  • Obama appointed two anti-Second Amendment Supreme Court
    justices and continues to flood our lower courts with dozens of
    anti-gun, activist judges.

  • With the help of his attorney general, Eric Holder, Obama led
    a campaign to demonize law-abiding gun owners, claiming our Second
    Amendment rights were to blame for drug violence in Mexico. And in
    fact, emails recently released by the Justice Department prove that
    operation “Fast and Furious” was a deliberate attempt to build
    the case for a gun-control agenda.

  • Obama unilaterally imposed gun registration in four border
    states — requiring gun dealers to register the sales of any
    law-abiding citizen who purchases more than one semi-automatic rifle
    within one week.

Holder’s game, however, is particularly heinous. Under his watch,
wanted drug cartel criminals were in custody of Federal officials AND RELEASED after “promising” to get back in touch with officials.

He should be charged with Murder AND Treason

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