Red Tag Mail is USPS code for political mailers.  I found several pages of a  2000 USPS policy book online that addressed political mailings.  The USPS is very specific in the handling of this type of mail.

Diagram A:  USPS Policy Manual

I realize that 2000 is 14 years ago, however I doubt the policy has changed much (it is a government agency lol) and if it has changed,
I suspect it would be even more onerous.

If your political mail encounters a delivery problem, awareness of USPS policy will facilitate a proactive discourse between you and the US Postal Inspector. Contact an inspector at the first sign of undelivered political mail.  Monitor mail delivery by appointing mailer watchdogs in each district.  (Homeowners who receive mail!)

The US Post Office is very specific in their policy regarding the handling of political mail.  They are responsible for a multi step handling process as listed in Diagram A and B.

Diagram B:  USPS. Policy Manual

USPS has built in several key protections in the political mail handling process.  As shown in Diagram C, any undeliverable/unaddressed mail must be reported to the applicable campaign office.  Second, ANY reported delay in processing must be documented, reported,
and corrected (subsequent action taken). 

Diagram C:  Undeliverable Mail
Diagram D:  Report Delays

Document Source for screenshots

More on Red Tag Mailing here.

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