American Slaves

We ALL live on the plantation now.  The
plantation is Obama America. The inhabitants include the master,
Uncle “federal government” Sam, who is served (financed) by his slaves, the
people (producers). His slaves fall into two categories; the defiant
and the complacent. The mechanism of government, a.k.a. Master Uncle Sam, is to eliminate the defiant slaves and
morph them into complacent slaves.

are the defiant slaves, folks like me, who are
strong-willed, or ambitious…resistant to dependance, subordination,
and inequality. In the 19
Century, I would have been abused, and “broken” by whatever means
possible. If my “spirit too bold and daring for a slave” could
not be broken, I would be sold. Deemed useless.

is difficult to describe the other kind of slave, the complacent one,
without delving back into the history of slavery as in 19
Century America. Slave identity during this time was one based on a
position of inferiority. The inferiority of slaves to their masters
was expressed in several different ways, but all were designed to
secure a dependent relationship of the slave to the master.

can only be described as a Paternalistic relationship, masters acted
as parent to the slave/child. As in parent/child relationship, the
child remained subordinate to the parent,while the parent was
responsible for the moral and physical state of the slave. A
benevolent master created a comfortable environment for slaves,
ultimately producing complacent, submissive slaves. This
relationship fostered virtuous dependence rather than the hazard of
freedom and it’s pursuit. Lacking the freedom to earn their own
wages, slaves were left dependent on their masters for food and shelter.
This lack of self awareness, the slave mentality, is an identity
based on the slave being undeserving of equality.

what is happening in America today. Master Uncle Sam is creating, as fast as he can, complacent slaves. And if history repeats itself, it will destroy this country just as it did in the 1860’s. 

is interesting to note that neither Democrats nor Republicans support
educating the populace to be free, independent, and self-reliant.
Pump out enough of these complacent entitlement class slave/junkies
and they will destroy, by sheer numbers, the foundations of
Constitutional freedom that slaves like me demand.

freedom yet?  Don’t expect it any time soon. Slavery is the new vogue.  Endorsed by Uncle Sam.

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