Santorum’s Home Boys NOT Convinced

Santorum’s 2006 528 million dollar Union Deal with federal funds doesn’t bode well for GOP conservatives seeking an end to union shenanigan’s, political favors/vote buying, and big government.  It certainly didn’t sit well with his home state when Pennsylvanians shut him out of his ’06 Senate bid.

With national debt soaring, parlaying votes with federal funds stinks of fiscal insanity as well as the potential for political corruption at the expense of balanced budgets and economic freedom for future generations.  So say his home-boys who have first hand knowledge.

The only logical explanation for Santorum’s popularity with GOP voters is the “anybody but Obama” factor hinged to Santorum’s SOCIAL conservatism, neither of which addresses the economic bottom line of a too big government fraught with over-reach, over-spending, and over-regulation. Lucky for him, the people are easily distracted. 

Like I’ve always said, if you can’t think, you can feel…and with this guy, that wallet in your back pocket is gonna get a lot more comfortable.  If Santorum gets in, we won’t have to sit on all that cash.  That buck and a half we have left for a cheap cup of coffee will fit just fine in our front pocket.

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