RE: Corruption Alert Forsyth County Board of Elections

Most important FB post of the year in Forsyth County.  From Pamela Lofland who attended the Forsyth County Election Corruption Expose.

Please forgive me for being so long with some news on the Forum meeting. There was too much info for me to get it all in my notes…but here is my assessment..This group strongly suspects that there is some collusion between certain political figures and the BOE Director and possibly poll worker(s) to possibly alter vote totals…tampering with the voting machines etc..a lot of talk of many irregularities and those that have done nothing and in fact condone it or directly participate in creating those irregularities. It was a web of associations. The names mentioned as being directly collusion..or simply refusing to do anything to address the issues were as follows..Rob Cauffman (Forsyth County BOE Director)..Earline Parmon (state house member-described as the …”ring leader”)..Larry Womble (state house member)..Everett Witherspoon (county commissioner)..Susan Frey (Clerk of Court)..Walter Marshall (county commsioner)l..Linda Sutton (Forsyth County BOE Democrat Board Chair)..Jerry Jordan (Forsyth County BOE Republican Board Member-now running for judge in Forsyth County)..Sam Atallah (?)..Jim O’Neil Forsyth County DA)..Don Wright (State BOE attorney)..I think that there is a real good chance of money laundering as well. There are so many issues and such a list of problems that it would take me all night to go over it would be a novelette by the time I got finished. Needless to say..there are some serious problems at the FCBOE that have not been addressed or corrected. We had ..voter fraud (proven)..bribery (proven) and rampant illegal electioneering during the 2008 and 2010 elections. Be vigilant and volunteer to be a poll watcher during the upcoming elections!

It appears to be MUCH worse than I thought it was.  If I can get any more information I will post it here.

This is not the first time this has happened in America.  A bit of history on corruption in America’s voting process can be seen below.

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