RE: Linda Sutton and Voter ID in North Carolina

From the article “Voter ID coming to North Carolina,”  I found an interesting tidbit of information.  Most North Carolinians are aware our State Legislators passed a Voter ID law only to have it vetoed by Gov. Perduped.

From the article comes the following excerpt:

“Ever since, Republicans have been threatening to override the veto. In fact, fear of a vote that could push through the voter ID bill — maybe even during a surprise vote, like one held at midnight in January targeting teachers’ unions — was one of the reasons behind a 70-strong rally at the legislature last week led by Democracy North Carolina and other groups.”

Anybody notice (but me) who leading the fight against Voter ID in NC?  Specifically Democracy NC was mentioned.  Does anybody know how they “connect” to Winston Salem?”  Hang onto your seats folks. The ride is about to get bumpy.

Anybody familiar with the “All Souls to the Polls” events in Forsyth County?   This event is organized by the Forsyth County Democratic Party, as well as liberal left leaning Democracy North Carolina’s Winston Salem Voting Right’s Coalition, and the Congregation Based Community Organization (CBCO) known as Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (CHANGE).  CHANGE is a local cell of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) founded by Marxist Saul Alinsky, well known for his book “Rules for Radicals” (also known as the OBAMA playbook).  Winston Salem Voting Rights Coalition is the local chapter of Democracy NC, a progressive radical group affiliated with AmeriCorps, LaRaza, and Acorn.

The “All Souls to the Polls” event began October 29, 2006 when 250 CHANGE leaders marched to the Board of Elections during the primary.  Since then, the Winston Salem Voting Right’s Coalition has been instrumental in promoting this event and registering thousands of voters.

Scroll down this page listing STAFF MEMBERS of Democracy NC. Look for the name “Linda Sutton.”

Who is Linda Sutton?

  • field organizer Democracy NC, Guilford and Forsyth
  • president Winston Salem Voting Rights Coalition
  • trained by Industrial Areas Foundation (local Church Based Community Organizing affiliate called CHANGE)
  • Chairman Forsyth County Board of Elections
  • Forsyth County Democratic Women
  • Souls to the Polls connection to CHANGE
  • WSSU connection to illegal partisan email to 6000 plus students

I was present at an open meeting of the Forsyth County Board of Elections during one of their “faux” investigations of alleged violations of election law/incompetence by, well…themselves. Ms. Sutton was confronted with her extreme activism on behalf of partisan organizations and the inherent conflict of interest with her duties on behalf of all Forsyth County voters.  She refused to answer to Democracy North Carolina’s affiliation with AmeriCorps, LaRaza, and Acorn and refused to admit her WS Voting Rights Organization was partisan. She stated on the record that she was proud of her training with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF).  She did not apologize for her extreme activism for the left and did not admit to a conflict of interest in regards to her representation of all Forsyth County citizens as Co-Chair of the FCBOE.

Most recently, Ms. Sutton pushed for Winston Salem State University to be an early voting site for 2012. (article here) Last election, WSSU improperly (illegally) used publicly owned property to send out 6,000 political emails for the Democratic Party. 

Folks, there you have.  Linda Sutton, Co-Chair of the Forsyth County Board of Elections is one of the big dogs in charge of counting your vote.  Really!  Considering the sketchy history of Director of  FCBOE Rob Coffman, considering the fact that he is currently being sued for sexual harrassment (and Forsyth County tax payers are covering his legal expenses), it becomes clear we have some real wing dings protecting the sanctity of the Forsyth County vote.

Remember that old saying…it doesn’t matter who you vote for but who counts the votes that matters.

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