Ron “Under the Radar” Paul: The Battle for Delegates

There has been a lot of talk by the Ron Paul folks about “Delegates.”  Up until now, the Ron Paul campaign has been pooh poohed, attacked, ignored, and maligned by, well…almost every main stream media outlet, practically every liberal and GOP pundit/writer, and vast multitudes of statist conservatives.  Evidently they thought if they ignored RP long enough, he and his supporters would go away.

Then comes the big “UH OHHH” moment.  It appears…while the “anybody but Ron Paul” crowd was busy cannibalizing one of their own proven conservatives, Ron Paul activists were flying in under the radar and taking delegate seats.  My oh my!  Could we have a conservative coup on our hands?  A wrench thrown into the GOP coronation plans?

My favorite comment of the day by Kathleen Gee over at Hillbuzz (Excerpt)

I don’t really want to get into this with Tammy (she’s entitled to her opinion). But I will say that if someone is surprised that Ron Paul is leading in the race for delegates, it’s because
A) They get their “news” from the Democrat-Controlled Media
B) They don’t understand what delegates are, or how to become one
C) They don’t know how the caucus system works
D) They don’t know Robert’s Rules of Order
E) All of the above
Ron Paul supporters get their news from the Internet, their neighbors, and their own two eyes, not Democrat journalists. And we have spent the past four years learning how to become delegates, and how to run meetings according to Robert’s Rules.
And now we show up to participate in the delegate process in far greater numbers, and we get more people to vote for us when we run for delegate slots.
Getting more people to vote for us means we win.
It’s not rocket science.
And when we see old-guard Cocktail Party GOP operatives trying to shove Mittens Romneycare down our throats, we stand up to them, and we use the rules that they themselves set up to defeat them.
Simple as that.

This Reality Check Video (made before last nights Alabama/Miss primaries) gives a good picture of what is going on in the delegate count. 
Article “Ron Paul Secretly Won the Caucuses” is worth reading.

The following Denver County video memorializes the most recent Ron Paul delegate takeover.  Wish I had been there! 
The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is.  Get at him as soon as you can.  Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.  Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885)

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