NAACP Makes Headlines AGAIN Seeking U.N. Interference With Domestic Law

UPDATE: New editorial from Townhall reference my blog post on domestic Voter ID laws versus International law (United Nations):

But while these domestic fights are underway, the NAACP is taking the issue of voter-ID laws to the United Nations Human Rights Council (the successor to the Human Rights Commission), claiming that such ballot-box integrity measures violate the human rights of racial minorities under international law.

So they go to the United Nations. Specifically, to a body tasked with protecting human rights. Just to be clear, the nations comprising this supposed champion of human rights include dictatorial and authoritarian regimes like China, Cuba, and Russia.

Let’s give the NAACP credit; they went to the undisputed experts on this subject. They’ve taken this issue of ballot-box integrity to nations that know all about voter fraud and rigging elections, because they do it all the time. Maybe these nations could even provide pointers, as Vladimir Putin’s “election” makes crystal-clear that some of those nations have written the book when it comes to subverting the democratic process.

Who funds the NAACP?  George Soros for one.  Are you starting to get the picture?

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