North Carolina Republican Walter Jones Enters Obama Impeachment Resolution

Released this week was a video of Congressional testimony before the U.S. Armed Services Committee where Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he would seek “international permission,” not Congressional authority, as a legal basis for imposing a no-fly zone on Syria.  Video follows.

Subsequent to this investigation, on March 7, 2012, NC District 3 Republican Walter Jones submitted an impeachment resolution against Obama.  The resolution is intended to thwart any plans that Obama may have to implement an unconstitutional use of our military without first seeking legal authority of our Legislative Branch of government.  Resolution follows. Library of Congress link here. H. CON. RES. 107
The last time our nation faced this crisis was October 5, 1998 when the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives approved a resolution recommending an impeachment inquiry of President Bill Clinton.  This story was covered by CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR, Washington Times, New York Post, etc.
As of today at 5:14 PM, I have google searched “nc walter jones impeachment obama” and searched back 10 pages and NOT ONE Major Media Source has run the story.  It is as if it never happened. 
It is obvious that the media is not treating this impeachment inquiry in the same fashion as previous presidents accused of wrong doing.  Why?
It is time that we FORCE the media to cover relevant news concerning this pox on our nation by making this news go VIRAL. I am begging everyone to work this story…we MUST wake up those that depend on MSM for the news and turn this into common knowledge. We need to call/write radio/TV/networks and demand this story be broadcast while we blog/forward/email and otherwise make this stuff go viral.

Questions worth considering:
What if Obama wins a 2nd term? What if he decides to start another war in the next several months?  

1) Should high crime and misdemeanors under article II, section 4 of the Constitution be ignored for any reason (including political expediency)? 

2) Does ignoring portions of the Constitution or allowing unconstitutional behavior protect or destroy the legitimacy Constitution?

3) If the citizenry is unaware of high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution, does that mean the crime did not occur? 

4) Should citizens expect the national news media to make them aware of crimes committed by public officials or should media be allowed to filter the news based on government directive/intevention particularly crimes that have to do with National Security and treason? 

5) Does awareness by the citizenry of high crime and misdemeanors by elected officials under article II, section 4 of the Constitution foster enforcement/activism that ultimately will preserve the Constitution and our heritage ?

6) Is government control of media/news compatible with a Constitutional Republic? 

7) Should US military power be exercised with international law (for instance NATO) as “legal authority” or should “legal authority” remain (as is our heritage) our Legislative branch of government? 

8) If our Legislative Branch of government is the legal authority via the Constitution under article II, section 4, should attempts to circumvent our Constitution and Legislative Branch be prosecuted? 

9) Why should Obama or any other elected official be allowed to break the law based on our national voting schedule?

Please consider these questions and endeaver to educate your neighbors, children, and family…before it is too late.


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