Senate Arms Services Committee Blows United Nations Cover

The demise of our Legislative branch of government is revealed by the following recent testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.  The Constitution is officially dead.

Our Constitution is so dead, even the NAACP is seeking UN “legal authority” over our nations Voter ID laws NAACP Asking U.N. Human Rights Council to Condemn American Voter ID Laws.

What is most interesting about this article is not the racist whines of the NAACP but that they are calling on the “authority” of the United Nations to intervene in U.S. domestic policy. When one considers the recent testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee indicating the U.N.’s “legal authority” over US military action, it becomes clear the NAACP is following suit…expecting the U.N. to provide “legal basis” for Voter ID laws within our borders. While Americans are spoon fed govt. approved news/crisis…our Legislative branch of government has become a neutered relic by their own hands…the Globalists advance…UN treaties are signed that gut the Constitution…and life goes on. Get used to it. Rome has burned.

Oh…one final thought.  Why would Hillary Clinton pursue the presidency when she has more authority than all of Congress put together.  Her signing of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, as Secretary of State, was the first step of our globalist leaders to override the 2nd amendment and ban guns in America.  Too bad nobody noticed.  

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