Agent 99 and the Missing Nuggets: A Get Smart Story

By Sandra Robles

Well…it gets harder to cruise the internet every day.  Take for instance the story of a North Carolina school that has implemented an initiative to check home packed lunches for nutritional balance.  It goes something like this.  Mom packs child’s lunch from home, child carries lunch box to school, lunch inspector denies child home packed lunch, forces child to eat processed chicken nuggets, sends parent a bill for the nuggets plus a reprimand over not meeting “government nutrition standards.”  God bless the children, right?

 Oh wait…upon updated information…there is no “task” force and nobody in North Carolina knows who is financing or supplying the  inspectors in charge of bag lunch nutrition.   Story update here

Let me get this straight…nobody is aware of the identity of nutritional police on campus, nobody knows who is “financing” the nutritional police, yet somebody is acting as nutritional police and harassing parents over turkey sandwiches while forcing chicken-ish nuggets down the throats of our weakest citizens at the parent’s expense.   The teachers don’t know, the principals don’t know and DHHS has no idea.  It appears we are to believe complete strangers are walking around rubber gloving potato chips and managing to send parents those “you could do better” notes accompanied by an invoice.  Huh?????

When is the last time you tried to navigate a public school hallway without going through a PTSA type strip search?  Good grief, it is easier to vote without ID.  Let’s try that again.  It is easier to get a home loan at Freddie Mac with fake job.  Anyway, you get my point. It is easier to do a lot of things than it is to roam on public school property unidentified.  Our schools are SAFE from roaming conservatives, busy body parents, the Constitution, God, and mom packed lunches.  Safe I tell you!  Why, just this week a mom got hauled in by the police for dressing up as Mickey Mouse for a school birthday party.Mickey Mouse Locks Down School

Meanwhile, an illusive anonymous NC nutrition spy, we will call her Agent 99, reports to headquarters (using her Maxwell Smart phone shoes) of food crimes detrimental to a child and utterly defiant of Big Brother. “NO WHITE MILK!” she screams.  The Chief, after putting Planned Parenthood on hold, dictates his “government knows best” response on how to save a child’s life with state issued broccoli.

We have been told our schools are BROKE.  Teachers have to personally finance classroom copier expenses on test day, and parents send toilet paper to school because there is no federal or state money to wipe a child’s rear end…meanwhile  some as yet unidentified “government” stranger with the power of the bureaucracy and force of nutrition “law” manages to access state owned office equipment, student book bags, all the while fingering sack lunches (otherwise known as private property)?   One would not assume this gubmint Samaritan  is working for free.

The incompetence is unbecoming to North Carolina and evidence of the extent citizens are assaulted by an overreaching bureaucracy.  They might as well claim that Colonel Mustard inspects lunches in the billiard room with a flippin’ candlestick.

Fact is, the “it takes a village” elite in our so called “education system” got busted and resort to pointing fingers like the little liberals they are.   One need only to look to Washington for stellar examples of media maneuvering and lack of accountability.  Rather than admit they are on board with the Constitutional infringements perpetuated by a federal government out of control, our North Carolina school officials channeled  Eric Holder’s “I didn’t know, I can’t remember, There is no cover up” meme. It is shameful and unacceptable.

Lord knows, this makes me want to cuss.  I almost did.  Fact is, I thought it…and it’s time to repent.  Again.

UPDATE:  Agent 99 strikes again.  See Story here The two quotes that tell the story are:

” Barnes [the school principal] confirmed there was an agent from Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Child Development and Early Education at the school Jan. 30 who examined six student lunches and determined one did not make the nutritional cut — presumably the first little girl whose story made news.” 

and the DHHS response,

 “It is not DHHS’ policy to inspect, go through or question any child about food items brought from home. The facts we have gathered confirm that no DHHS employee or contractor did this.”

 Looks like Planned Parenthood was put on hold again….

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