Can Obama Assassinate Americans? | Nat Hentoff | Cato Institute: Commentary

This entire story merits your attention.  Our Constitution is being ripped to shreds.

Can Obama Assassinate Americans? Nat Hentoff Cato Institute: Commentary:

“On September 14 in Somalia, Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, a long-sought link between al-Qaida and its East African allies, was in a vehicle bombed by a helicopter flying from an American ship off the Somali coast. As Karen DeYoung and Joby Warrick reported in a front-page Washington Post story — ‘Under Obama, more targeted killings than captures in counterterrorism efforts’ (Feb. 13) — another U.S. helicopter ‘set down long enough for troops to scoop up enough of (Nabhan’s) remains for DNA verification.’

That decision came from Obama, our commander in chief, who, as I’ve previously reported, has authorized in his first year more such assassinations than Bush and Cheney in their last years. The result, as the Washington Post noted, ‘has been dozens of targeted killings and no reports of high-value detentions.’”

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