Explosion on Ocean Floor? – Oil Spill News Not Passing the Smell Test

I don’t know folks.  Something might be going on here.  Just passing it on.  Naivete can be a dangerous thing.
Do yourself a favor.  Go to these links and follow their links.  I only touch it here.
Oil expert Simmons insists 20 million people are entrapped in harms way Before It’s News:

“Oil industry insider Matt Simmons blew the whistle on the made-for-TV capping of the so-called oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico Thursday, July 15, during an interview on KPFK radio, the NPR station in Los Angeles.

Simmons, former energy adviser to the second President Bush, explained that according to his reading of the data from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, capping of the so-called riser and the subsequent announcement by U.S. President Obama was “the biggest con job we’ve ever seen.”

Simmons, creator of an investment bank catering to oil companies, told radio host Ian Masters that the real problem continuing to gush oil into the Gulf was not the 6-inch “riser” that apparently has been capped amid much TV hoopla, but that an open hole or cauldron perhaps up to 10 miles distant from where British Petroleum’s cameras are focused which continues to spew 120,000 BARRELS per day, and that BP’s much publicized effort to drill relief wells in what the company says is an effort to stop the flow of oil is nothing but a cynical publicity stunt.”

Mondays letter from Thad Allan to Bob Dudley, Chief Managing Director., BP Group

Dear Mr. Dudley,
My letter to you on July 16, 2010 extended the Well Integrity Test period contingent upon the completion of seismic surveys, robust monitoring for indications of leakage, and acoustic testing by the NOAA vessel PISCES in the immediate vicinity of the well head. Given the current observations from the test, including the detected seep a distance from the well and undetermined anomalies at the well head, monitoring of the seabed is of paramount importance during the test period.  Full letter here.

Being reported on MSNBC is the following: 

NEW ORLEANS — Scientists are concerned about a seep near BP’s busted oil well, a federal official said Sunday.

Methane might be escaping through cracks in the seafloor, the source said, and that could be a sign of leaks in the well that’s been capped off for three days as part of a test of its integrity.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because an announcement about the next steps had not been made yet. Testing had been extended until 4 p.m. ET Sunday, but that came and went without any word on whether it would continue even longer.

The official is familiar with the spill oversight, but would not clarify what is seeping near the well. The official says BP is not complying with the government’s demand for more monitoring.

Video showing some sort of explosion on the sea bed floor.  Around 1:28 mark.

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