Washington Post Says It Missed Black Panthers Story…I’ll say!

My comments after the article below:

Washington Post Says It Missed Black Panthers Story: 

“The Washington Post ombudsman is blasting his paper’s coverage of the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party, saying The Post remained ‘virtually silent’ as the story developed in recent weeks.

The newspaper carried a full-length news article about the case on Thursday – months after it had been covered thoroughly by Fox News and other elements of the conservative media. Ombudsman Andrew Alexander wrote that readers have been contacting him ‘for months’ wondering what was taking so long for The Post to show interest in the controversy.

‘The Post didn’t cover it. Indeed, until Thursday’s story, The Post had written no news stories about the controversy this year,’ Alexander wrote. ‘That’s prompted many readers to accuse The Post of a double standard.’

Alexander wrote that while the newspaper should not feel obligated to cover stories ‘simply because of blogosphere chatter,’ the Black Panther story merits attention.

‘Coverage is justified because it’s a controversy that screams for clarity that The Post should provide,’ Alexander wrote.”

I don’t know about you guys, but the attitude taken by The Washington Post is one of most arrogant I have ever witnessed.  Their unmasked disdain of online news/blogs is nothing less than reckless and their lack of  journalistic discernment has had a profound negative economic impact on their business model profitability.  Reporting on the Panther case now is like…well…cutting off their nose in spite of their face.  Why they want to bring attention to their serious breach of journalistic responsibility is beyond me.

Don’t be confused Alexander…the NEWS of the Black Panthers has already been covered in a timely and professional manner by all of us in the “blogosphere”.  We do not need your “clarity” on the subject as your clarity was clearly impaired when you chose to ignore one of the biggest stories of the year. 

This story is not about the Black Panthers…it is about the Washington Post reporting on their own stupidity… many days late and their dollars short.

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