Prayer Challenge!

God bless this teacher and students for praying outside the Supreme Court.  The Lord above knows we certainly need it!  They were brave and courageous.

Might I suggest that we all remember to pray outside of every federal and state government building every chance we get…in as large a group as possible…but quietly so as not to draw attention.  Pray for the restoration of God and our Christian Faith to the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of our government

Let Us Pray! Personal Liberty Digest:

“Move along. No praying here. It’s against the law.

That’s the message a United States Supreme Court officer gave to a group from an Arizona Christian school as they stopped for a moment of prayer outside the Supreme Court building May 5.

While taking an educational tour of the Supreme Court, Wickenburg Christian Academy teacher Maureen Rigo, her students and a few adults stood off to the side of the Oval Plaza steps, bowed their heads and quietly prayed. Even though they weren’t obstructing traffic, were not demonstrating and were not praying in loud voice so as to draw attention to themselves, a police officer told the group they were not allowed to pray there because it was against the law.”

Also consider joining us in 140 days of prayer for our nation.  Go to for details.

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