I guess all have heard that Col. Randy Glover resigned from the Highway Patrol on Friday.  His resignation comes after a Press Conference in which he and Gov. Bev Perdue were questioned on their “relationship.” 

The word on the streets is that a big story is breaking Sunday or Monday in the News & Observer concerning the Bev and “her boy.” 

I found several comments in the News and Observer that were quite interesting.  Not mine…but follow link to see for your self…there seems to be some “secrets” out there.

Comment 1: 

5th most corrupt state in the Union

Guv Sunshine Transparency, continues promotion of all out press to take the Banana Republic to #1

If its not obvious by now, folks come to grips that this one state agency owns your previous governor, but also your current sitting governor.  Someone has the missing Sleazy travel records, and someone has the dirt on his replacement.  Keep pulling that old big “D” lever SHEEPLE

Comment 2:

Bev, you flat out lied about not interfering in promotions. The citizens of NC are tired of being lied to and we deserve better from our government. Are you and the Col going to take the training program and re-sign the code of ethics? How much is it going to cost the taxpayers for the supervisory and ethics training?   Change starts at the top and it’s time for Col Glover to go home. The good employees of the NCSHP needs ethical leadership and it’s not you.

Comment 3:

The new code of ethnics should have been in effect in the 90’s when Glover was a Trooper, Line Sgt. and 1st Sgt. in Greenville, N. C. Someone should pull his file and see how many times his politician friend “Perdue” got him out of trouble. If the truth were known, he would not be Colonel and she would not be Governor. I guess they do not know the definition of the word is, unless it is Bill Clinton’s “IS”. It is a case where NO means YES. Please Governor Perdue and Colonel Glover, you should be the first to sign it, but only after the two of you take a polygraph. It is time for the two of you to confess your little charades. You opened this can of worms. How will the public close it? Why is the KETTLE calling the pot black?

Sho nuff sounds like something “interesting” is going on.  I wait with baited breath!

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