More Interesting Comments on Bev Perdue and NCSHP Colonel Glover’s “Relationship”

I tell you folks.  There is more going on with Perdue and Glover than meets the eye.  Some of these comments suggest out and out SCANDLE  has been going on between these two for DECADES!  More farmed comments from Raleigh N & O Comment Section July 16 on Gov. and Col. Glover NCSHP:
These are not my words…links attached to each comment.  The comments suggest a cover up is going on…politics as usual…Glover is the scapegoat…will it bring Perdue down…hmmmmm.

Cattleman wrote on July, 16 10:35 PM:

Glover’s leaving is a good start, But there are so many scandles tied to the Gov. The new report from the elections board investigator, The Ferry Captain Scandle,Lets not forget the Revenus Secretary’s lashing out disrespectfully at the press over his employees riembursements for personnal car use..She’s tied to it all. And just in the Patrols scandle, Former Troopers and even Sgt’s from New Bern support the accusations of her affair with Glover..Didn’t her ex-husband even believe the affair occured? And she swore she never advanced his career, but a retired secretary for former Colonels said she did, and even Glover couldn’t explain why he was promoted to 1st.Sgt. and moved back to New Bern. The main thing that can be seen in the Governors, transparent Government seems to be that Governor is no different than Easley, she’s just using he high level staff to protect her. Easley is likely headed to prison, but Perdues appointees to the elections board doctored the report that showed she did some of the same things, and made her come out squeeky clean. The Federal Investigation needs to be expanded to her, and North Carolina needs new leadership. Who Knows, Meg Scott Phipps met Martha Stewart in Prison, Maybe Bev and Lindsey Lohan can become friends.

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ProwlingWoofie wrote on July, 16 3:47 PM:

I think Glover’s resignation had to happen – he was absolutely neutered at that ‘press conference’. So for the sake of the agency, he had to step down.

However, that shouldn’t be the end of the investigation of his rise through the ranks at the pleasure of (pun intended) Gov Bev.

This whole thing – Easley, Bev, Young, Glover, Rand, etc., etc. – needs to be exposed to the very bottom of the whole barrel of rotten apples

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bigpal wrote on July, 16 2:19 PM:

now dumplin and her boyfriend can have their relationship without it reflecting on the patrol

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oldcary wrote on July, 16 12:46 PM:

I guess the real truth can now be told. Hope the N&O keeps digging into this issue of the relationship between Bev & Randy.

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From Newbern News comes this comment:

12:53 PM on July 17, 2010

It’s just a rumor but,

just about anyone paying attention down east in the early 90s seems to know that back in her Craven County days then Sen Bev Perdue had a little car accident with damages exceeding $500 and from which she left the scene. (The WRAL video shows her with a deer in the headlights interview saying she can’t remember but she may have had a glass of wine before the accident at a party from which she was returning home.)

And they seem to know that Sen Bev and Trooper Glover had a ‘close and personal relationship.’

And they seem to know that any legal accountability for Bev leaving the scene of this accident and any question of blood alcohol level just somehow went away.

And they seem to know that not long thereafter (1995) he received his promotion to First Sergeant.

Wonder how many Troopers privy to her ethics lecture seem to know?

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