The Cure For America’s Cancer – GOD IN GOVERNMENT SERIES

By Sandra Robles
July 13, 2010

The Cure For America’s Cancer

Many Christian Conservatives are in a state of confusion over the current state of affairs in America.  How can it be in God’s plan, we wonder, for our government to condone the killing of 3700 innocent babies a day in America through abortion. How did our Christian country redefine separation of church and state to mean “we must keep our Faith in God to ourselves?”  How did we go to sleep as “One Nation Under God” and wake up “one of the largest Muslim countries in the World?”  At what point in America’s transformation did we nod our collective heads and accept that government is now our god, our protector, and our provider?

Because America no longer recognizes God as our source of inalienable rights, the masses of unsaved and uneducated raise…and worship…government as the source and benefactor of our rights. There is no question.  God has been pushed out of the state house. Our government has assumed his power. In oppressive benevolence,  she gives to the citizens whatever limited rights she chooses, be it “allowed” incomebureaucratically controlled health care, or the right to murder innocent children.

What in the world happened to America?

I will tell you what happened.  It is called tyranny.  Oppression.  It is the result of SIN and lack of obedience to God.

But, you say, how can a “loving” God be so mean? Is he punishing us? Maybe. Has he abandoned us? Not necessarily. Is God in this?  Of course he is!  Glory Hallelujah! This is one of God’s favorite teaching opportunities.  And you, dear reader, are privileged to have this opportunity to learn!

An Old Testament example can be found in 1 Samuel 22.  This is the story of David (slayer of Goliath) as he endeavors to escape the mentally unstable King Saul who also happens to be his father in law.  David finds himself needing and seeking help from the priests in Nod.  King Saul is so angered by the priest’s extension of compassionate help, he has his henchman, Doeg the Edomite, murder 85 innocent priests.  “He also put to the sword Nob, the town of the priests, with its men and women, its children and infants, and its cattle, donkeys, and sheep.” 1 Sam. 22:19

Is this not the exact same state America finds herself in?  We have a mentally unstable president. We have over 500 Congress people acting as Doeg and this does not count the thousands of henchmen on the state and local level. Considering the compassionate help needed in the Gulf Coast States or in Arizona, we have a tyrannical government intent on ignoring their innocent cries for help as she seeks to destroy the people, their land, and their economies. If left unabated, our governments actions or lack thereof could literally (and already has) cause death to the men, women, children, and animals in these regions.

Why would God allow the murder of 85 innocent priests and the entire community of Nob? Why is he allowing a similar situation to repeat in the Gulf, in Arizona, and all over America? Allow me to answer by quoting the footnote from my Bible study.

“Their deaths served to dramatize to the nation how a king could become an evil tyrant. Where were Saul’s advisers? Where were the elders of Israel? Sometimes God allows evil to develop to teach us not to let evil systems flourish. Serving God is not a ticket to wealth, success, or health. God does not promise to protect good people from evil in this world, but he does promise that ultimately all evil will be abolished. Those who have remained faithful through their trials will experience great rewards in the age to come.”

So there you have. In God’s eyes, America is experiencing a teachable moment. It is now our free will either to learn from this or keep our heads buried in the sand.

If God is the granter of our rights, then government must answer to God. If there is no God, then government is god, and government determines what rights we have. Who, then, keeps an eye on government? If government does not answer to God, the result will always be tyranny.

As fellow soldiers for Christ, I challenge all Christians to take an active role in personal repentance and worship. I ask for your active and constant prayer to the God of Abraham that our country and our churches be healed. Let us all work together to bring God back into our government. HE is the only known cure for this cancer that ails our country. Our tyranny can be cured, will be cured, if we seek, honor, and serve the Great Physician.

Praise be to God.

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