Editorial: If You Are Afraid of the IRS: Get Out of The Pulpit!

 This was an excellent article that speaks to my biggest gripe with the Church today.  We have accepted the chains of slavery when we accept tax exempt status which allows the government to control us through 501c3 regulations.  I am looking forward to the resurgence of the Black Regiment…courageous Pastors who brought America out of the bonds of slavery during the Revolutionary War. 

By Rev. Clarence A. Mason, Publisher

I am a third generation ordained minister and I have HAD ENOUGH! Enough of pastors who are too afraid to speak out on political issues but are not afraid to insult their members in support of the government on other social issues. I guess I have just had enough of frightened pastors in the pulpits who are more afraid of the IRS than GOD. Who ordained and called you?

There are pastors speaking out about the “compassion” of amnesty but are silent on other government issues. Are pastors spokespersons for the federal government? You will not speak out on candidates, issues, or policy but will try to convince us it is godly compassion to allow illegal activities to exist within our borders. If you are afraid to speak out on ALL issues then stay silent on ALL issues. Keep with the collecting of tithes, preaching weak meaningless sermons, feeding the flock junk food, and stay on non-issues in the lives and salvation of your members. Do you serve God or yourself?

The church is the only group in America who constantly questions what they can and cannot talk about in public. Everyone else knows they have freedom of speech no matter what job they have, except pastors. I call all pastors to start telling the truth. Tell your members the real reason you do not speak out against “some” political issues. It is not because you are afraid of this fictitious, ‘separation of Church and State.’ You have become so open minded and so tolerant of every sinful, ungodly activity that your churches are full of opposing political, social, and economical points of view and you are too weak to go against the homosexual choir director, pro-abortion deacon, or the liberal donor sitting in the front pew. You do not believe God will protect you, reward you, or keep you. Where is your faith?

This is amazing – our schools are turning out unmotivated, anti-God students, vampires are being worshipped by our youth so deeply they are now biting each other rather than kissing. The government is passing out condoms to your children, teaching the sexual positions, and providing them with abortions and all pastors can do is protect their 501(c) 3 status? Who do you serve?

The only voice of truth and safety has been silenced because the leaders are afraid. If you are afraid of the IRS, losing your tax exempt status, or ANYTHING, why are you in the pulpit? You may feel respected and looked up to because you hold the title of pastor, but your people are suffering and dying. Whom do you fear?

The people perish for lack of vision; your lack of courage is destroying our nation. All scared pastors should resign from their churches and allow the courageous to stand for the people. Who has stolen your armor?

Is your vision about building a great building or a great nation? Is it about teaching compassion or teaching salvation? Is your vision one of telling people how to get along or how to get home? The Church has lost its salt and there is no light left in her. Where is your treasure?

Now we see the Bible being banished from the workplace and homes. School forbidding prayer even from students and our Christian symbols are being restricted in public. Even the churches and worship services are being attacked and all you can talk about is your tax exempt status. You cannot win by giving in. Have you had enough yet?

Romans 10:14 (New International Version)

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?”

You calling is to preach, not to give folks a tax write-off. Your job is not motivation, but inspiration. Do you want the people to have a new building with a library and school or salvation? If you believe we are to give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s then I need to remind you that the cross is bare and the tomb is empty. HE has risen! Nothing belongs to Caesar any longer; it all belongs to HIM and as HIS heir to you also. Take a stand, pastor. They are passing out condoms to your children. They are restricting your preaching. They are teaching that the word of God is of equal measure to other teachings. Do you want to be fair or right?

And to those in the pews holding your tongue, this is not the time to be silent. If your pastor is not involved in political, social, economical, or spiritual aspects of your life, COME OUT FROM AMOUNG THEM! You are responsible for the teaching you take; find a church with a courageous pastor. If you sit under a pastor you know is not standing up for God how can you criticize Obama for staying in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years? They may not be the largest (we are on a narrow path) but the food you get will be real SOUL FOOD. Do you want to please God or man?

REAL GODLY POWER! It cannot be, stolen, imitated, or earned, but it must be given, accepted, and protected.

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