Stan Cox Wants to Ban Air Conditioning – Let’s Start with DC!

Stan Cox Wants to Ban Air Conditioning – Associated Content –

“Proving that there is no folly fallacious enough that it can’t be written down, both in a book and in an oped in the Washington Post, Stan Cox, an agricultural scientist, has proposed to ban or greatly restrict air conditioning.

Air conditioning, it seems, causes everything from global warming to obesity to sexual dysfunction to capitalism to irate people in red states who cling to their Bibles and guns to big government. The last does have some validity, since the advent of air conditioning has allowed Congress to be in-session all year round: the better to threaten our lives, liberty, and property.”

I say, ole Stan’s hit on a pretty good idea here.  How about banning all A/C in ALL government buildings especially in DC.  In 1978, 50 years after air conditioning was installed in Congress, New York Times columnist Russell Baker noted that, pre-Air Conditioned Congress was forced to adjourn to avoid Washington’s torturous summers, and “the nation enjoyed a respite from the promulgation of more laws, the depredations of lobbyists, the hatching of new schemes for Federal expansion and, of course, the cost of maintaining a government running at full blast.”

Sounds like a plan to me.

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